In this article, we will be taking a look at the Megalith watch sold on Amazon. Megalith has been around for quite some time and offers elegantly designed timepieces for a relatively affordable price. Megalith timepieces are best known for their simple and classic design. This particular aspect of their watches helped propel Megalith into its own – an amazing feat in a market that is saturated by different types of watches.

Megalith watches sold on amazon

There are many Megalith watches on Amazon. Today, I selected the best 8 models for your reference.

Top 8 Megalith watches sold on Amazon

1.Meaglith 8051M men's watch

Meaglith 8051M men's watch

This is the highest rated Megalith watch on Amazon.

The Megalith 8051M watch has a sporty look that’s perfect for the outdoors. With precise Japanese movement. This one has a black dial with luminous hands.

The watch has a high-hardness German glasses, as well as a SS316L material shell and buckle,and anti-scratch. The water resistance is up to 30m.

2.Meaglith 8214M men's watch

Meaglith 8214M men's watch

The Megalith 8214M is a 45mm quartz watch with a blue dial and a stainless steel triple-row link.

It has a combination of circle and sticks index markers, as well as the "M" logo at 12 o’clock and Rolex-style hands. There is a large date window at 3 o’clock.

The watch is water-resistant to 30m, which means it can withstand the occasional splash of water or the rain, but refrain from wering it when showering or if you plan on swimming.

See the full line of Megalith 8214M watches on Amazon.

3.Meaglith 8021M men's watch

Meaglith 8021M men's watch

The watches brand of Megalith philosophy is to make watches that are not only stylish and enjoyable to wear, but also functional.

This is a chronograph with a simple yet stylish design of subdials, and a hand-stitched leather strap.

The watch is a 45m stainless steel, with a Japan quartz chronograph movement and a water resistance to 30m.

See more details on the Amazon.

4.Meaglith 8046M men's watch

Meaglith 8046M men's watch

The Megalith 8046M is a robust black dial stainless steel watch that has a 43mm case and a three-hand analog display. It’s a chronograph with three subdials and a date window between 4 and 5 pm as well as a German high hardness mineral glass.

All aspects of the watch are in black and silver. The water resistance is up to 30m.

This Megalith 8046M watch is for those looking for a dark.

For more details about the colors of Megalith 8046M, check on Amazon.

5.Meaglith 8603M men's watch

Meaglith 8603M men's watch

Megalith’s watches have a wide range of styles and functions, chronographs, quartz watches, and so on. This watch is perfect for those looking for an everyday watch that will also look good in dress clothes.

The Meaglith 8603M men's watch has a stainless steel case and bracelet, gold-tone hands and index markers, and a domed crystal. In addition to the date window at 3 o’clock, there is also a logo at 12 o’clock.

The watch is water-resistant to 30m.

You can buy this Megalith watch on Amazon.

6.Meaglith 0105M men's watch

Meaglith 0105M men's watch

Megalith is one of the most popular brands for simple and durable watches with unique designs. They’re famous for colorful designs, but they also make a wide array of simple, black-and-silver models.

The Meaglith 0105M is a 44mm model with silver hands and markers against a black background.

Running on a Japanese quartz movement, this watch is water-resistant to 30m. This is a bit different from the usual resin and plastic materials—the case is stainless steel.

View details of Meaglith 0105M watch on Amazon.

7.Meaglith 8218M men's watch

Meaglith 8218M men's watch

This one for those looking for a watch that can bring a splash of color to their wardrobe. Megalith 8218M has a line of watches with a minimalist layout but with bright colors.

The Megalith 8218M watch is available in a wide array of colors on Amazon.

The watch has a 45mm stainless steel case and a blue dial, with a three-hand movement and three subdials. The strap is interchangeable, so it’s easy to play around with. The water-resistant is up to 30m.

8.Meaglith 8239M men's watch

Meaglith 8239M men's watch

Last but not least.

This simple but stylish watch has a high-precision Japanese quartz movement. This model has a striking blue dial as well as a chronograph second hand, chronograph minute hand and 24-hour functions.

Waterproof up to 30m.

Meaglith 8239M men's watch sold on Amazon.


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