13 Tips on How to Store your MEGALITH Watches

If you own a few or several watches, then you need to store them appropriately. Storing your watch well is key in ensuring they function appropriately, look their best and last long to give you the value for your money. Your watch is an investment, and keeping it carelessly is a sign of negligence. This article expounds on the 13 tips on how to store your MEGALITH Watches.

You don't have to be a watch collector to own or set up storage space. It is entirely a personal decision. How will your kids enjoy your watches in the future if you don’t store them well today? This might not be possible if the watches are not kept in a safe and sound area. There exist multiples ways on how to store your watch, and you need to choose based on what works for you. Read on to know the various tips.

Store your watches in a storage case

A storage case is the best decision you can make. They are available at varying designs, and you need to acquire based on the number of watches you intend to have, the nature of compartments, and the size. These cases are readily available, and they protect your watches from external interference.

When deciding on the storage case, ensure the interior is well designed and fitted with soft materials. With that, you will be sure that your watch will not be damaged or dented. Also, consider storage cases with glass because you will be able to see the watch you need to wear without having to open the case.

13 Tips on How to Store your MEGALITH Watches

Use of Silica gel

Silica gel does magic not only when it comes to watches but also in the general house. Its main role is to prevent moisture from building up. Without moisture, it means there is no possibility of rust or destruction of the various parts.

Purchase silica gel packets and place them in a location where you normally keep your watches. They will absorb any destructive moisture. To be sure they are functional and not yet expired, acquire those that change colors when they expire.


If you intend to Store for Years, have the Battery Removed

13 Tips on How to Store your MEGALITH Watches

Some watches are water resistant with screw fixed crowns, making it hard to allow humidity, dust, or other destructive external components. The moment you don’t remove your battery, you risk your watch because there is a possibility for leakage or corrosion.

Besides causing corrosion, moisture that gets in your timepiece causes coagulation of the oil and damage to the gears. The damage may be irreparable, and you do not want that. Always remove the batteries and store them in their special bags.


Leave Space While Storing Watches

Whether you are storing in a storage case or a watch shelf, you need not congest your watches. That’s why you need a well divided storage space. Congestion increases the chances of damage because the watches will scratch each other after a slight external movement or when picking your preferred watch at that moment.

Ideally, you need to space them at least 1.3cm away. Cases that have segmentations usually utilize such measurements. Space allows you to pick watches with ease. You don’t have to spend each day doing repairs, and that’s why it will be annoying when the timepieces bump against each other.


Keep your Automatic Timepieces in a Winder

13 Tips on How to Store your MEGALITH Watches

Automatic watches do not require the manual winding. That is why they depend on your body movements to harness the energy that keeps them moving. Storing them in a normal condition with other Quartz watches exposes them to damage. To avoid that, you will need a watch winder.

The winder keeps a watch ticking even when not wearing it. That’s why you will notice that even the watch sellers display automatic watches in a display case with winder. If an automatic watch fails to show activity for a long time, its life span reduces. Also, they will not read precise time as required.


Purchase a Watch safe

Watch safes are meant to keep those watches that you value most. They come in varying types and sizes, and you’ll have a lot of choices to weigh. Although they are associated with watches that cost thousands of dollars, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one for your affordable collection.

It is the best way to protect the watches from internal and external invasions and instances like fire. Just like money, people tend to feel unsafe when they keep their luxury watches in a display case. That’s why a safe will be the best and safest option. Some come with security features that only the owner can crack.


Store your Megalith Watch with the Face Up

Anywhere you intend to put your watch, ensure that it faces up. You will have reduced the chances of damage. When it faces downwards, even the crystals become scratched or dulled. To some extent, you will experience breakage.

Another advantage is that you can recognize the watch you need to wear that moment easily without having to check every section. There have been a lot of cases about watch breakage due to poor storage, and you should not be a victim.


Have a storage Insert on the Dresser Drawer

If you are that person who always wants to see their watches on the dressing area, then you can customize your wardrobe by setting up a section for the watches. It is a great idea worth trying. However, you need to know the procedure of setting up the required space.

Since your wardrobe has a drawer, purchase a tray with some compartments, divide them further based on the watches you want to accommodate, and add the right quality of foam in each section.  Some inserts come ready, and you only need to fix and trim them to the right size.


Acquire a Cigar Humidor

13 Tips on How to Store your MEGALITH Watches

The humidors have, for many years, been used to keep precious items that get damaged by moisture. Acquiring one is the best decision you can make. People keep not only cigars but also watches and jewels. Cigar humidors are meant to protect cigars from temperature and humidity.

These two conditions are enemies to your watch, and the humidor comes to your rescue. Many people value humidors because of their looks. The design is excellent and spacious for a few watches. Don’t forget to keep a look at the often as you maintain the humidifier in the right way.


Use a Travel watch roll


If you like to travel with your watches, then the best option is the travel watch roll. Keeping watches in your travel bag without protection is risky, and it might have negative repercussions when least expected. Made of leather or synthetic material, watch rolls last for long when well kept.

In a watch roll, all you need to do is place the watch in the side pockets and wrap the fabric to have them cushioned. It doesn’t mean that you cannot get a travel bag that has a pocket to keep your watch, but none is comparable with travel rolls.


Maintain your Paperwork

13 Tips on How to Store your MEGALITH Watches

Maintaining your paperwork is part of the right storage practices. Whether you have few or many watches, you require protective bags that keep the papers safe. The significance of keeping these documents is that when you decide to resell the watch, the buyer can clearly see and agree to the price.

Also, safety ensures that you maintain the boxes and original packaging materials. With these materials, the value of your watch, although you are reselling, will not deviate much. If the watches are many, have an appropriate way to store all the different paperwork


Watchpod Protective Cases

These watch cases meant to keep your watch safe. Other than the methods explained before, watchpods stores a single watch. It is a nice accessory if you own one or two watches.

The cases come in black and brown variations, with the inside modified in a way that your watch stays comfortably and firm to offer maximum impact protection.


Conventional methods

You can always develop your creative way to maintain your watches. For instance, you can acquire a box, coat the inside with foam, segment it and have your watches kept inside. Also, you can craft a block of wood to hang your watches.  In every approach that you make, ensure you maintain a stable climate.

Other things you need to know about watch storage include:

  • Keep your timepieces away from magnetic forces to avoid destruction
  • Avoid direct sunlight because most watches tend to get altered upon subjection to intense sun rays.


Final Thoughts

The attention you give your phone has an impact on its life span. Although people consider the value of the timepiece, its age, and the environment they live in before acquiring storage cases, every watch owner requires one. When you maintain the above mentioned approaches and subject your watch to regular maintenances, it is with no doubt that it will overcome the test of time.