In the summer, men begin to show the lines and beauty of their arms. At this time, watches can be used as accessories to embellish them. As the only accessories for men, of course they have to be selected. Today we are introducing 5 stylish watches that are best matched with clothes.

NO.1 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8236M) 

The first men watch is a brown leather watch. The strap of this watch is very soft, so it will feel comfortable to wear. This is a digital watch of MEGALITH brand,I personally think that the price of this brand of watches is very favorable, it is a good choice for men who likes doing sport.


Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8236M)

NO.2 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8395M) 

The second type of the men watches is metal watches. There are Five colors for choice. The color I recommend are black and silver, These two colors reflect the hardness of solid steel watches, and in the dark night, it embodies a strong luminous function. The minimalist design is very suitable for daily leisure or work.


NO.2 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8395M)

NO.3 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8241M) 

This is a large dial watch in 45mm, such this watch is my favorite, I like wearing bigger dial. But for men who has thin wrists, remember do not choose a watch with an oversized dial. If the dial is too large, it will look heavy. This watch has three small sub-dials, which is rich in design, which will add highlights to your overall outfit.   


NO.3 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8241M)

NO.4 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8239M) 

The watch with three sub-dial really has a sense of design. If you want a smaller size, you can choose this 41mm watch, Compared to the last watch, it is a simple chronograph watch, designed without losing simplicity.


NO.4 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8239M)

NO.5 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8215M) 

If you don’t have a mechanical watch yet, I suggest you try this 8215M watch. The hollow dial allows you to see the movement of the movement, and feel the power of technology, it is amazing. The power of the watch comes from the swing of your wrist, you don't have to consider replacing the battery, because it doesn't need a battery. But if you don't wear the watch often, you need to wind it and adjust the time the next time you use it.


NO.5 Best Men’s Watches Under $100(MEGALITH WATCH 8215M)


Well,This is my personal experience and advice with watches for you, hope it help.