INTRODUCING - 8092M Automatic Watch

Balancing craft with endurance and precision requires compassion, moulding time into refine form of artistry asks for courage, but to find these attributes altogether this is where we arise, presenting before you Megalith’s 8092M – A fusion of compassion and courage, a watch truly dedicated to our generation of Men.

Following the standards of remarkable functionality and aesthetic brilliance, it is the latest entry in Megalith’s compendium of exquisite watches. Megalith’s belief in offering distinguished products to people not just in terms of technicalities and style, but in terms of the appeal and art is now being well served by 8092M; it is indeed a mechanical watch built with a humanist sense, a paragon of design forged to serve the men of majestic penchant.


Combining every component with discretion and delicacy while maintaining the magnitudes of statement and audacity are Megalith’s unique selling points. With every newest product of ours, we unleash our true efforts to extend our expertise and the creation of 8092M is a soulful attempt in the same direction.

The German sapphire crystal glass in front flaunts you with elegance and ease, showcasing its simply enchanting analogue display through which you will experience the acute and adept black dial of this master watch ticking in an Automated Self Wind manner.

Profoundly exploring the craft of 8092M further, your eyes may stuck at the immaculate round rose gold case which has a sharp diameter of 41mm and comes with thickness measuring 14mm, holistically constructed of stainless steel. 


These sensational features are good enough to speak for the unshakable built quality and undeniable charm of this watch but this is not it, there are many more invoking arcs of this artwork.On the exterior it has three distinct controls to check up on time/manual wind, date and week, on terms of peculiarity the watch has an exclusive moon phase display to keep one harmonised with the cosmos and constellations and for the darkest of phases it posses the prowess to brighten your times with its gleaming luminous functionality.


Another impregnable vantage of 8092M is its water proofing which can withstand up to 3ATM, thus you can stay in alignment with time on a daily basis and sweat or rain won’t stop you from running for your dreams.

Keeping the specs in consideration, we are offering our customers the very best of a timeteller that one can carry on his wrist. Below is a tabular description of the features mentioned above:



A mechanical watch represents the idyllic form of caliber when it is created with absolute accuracy and in-depth craft, from design to dial it must be infrangible, and when carried on the wrist, not only it should serve the purpose of time but also represent an individual’s persona to the extent of his vision. 8092M is specific to people who exhibits concrete vision and grandeur personas, it is not a vernacular, but versatile machine solemnly built to strike an impression of prominence in the hearts and minds of its users. It’s a compilation of genuine and standardized components assembled together to form an impeccable product within a reasonable price range.

Megalith aims at larger reach for this sublime product and in our endeavour to create gratifying experience for our users, we have put in our very best and honest efforts till date in the 8092M, having all the canny and uncanny features from material to machine, each element of it is symbolic to the finest of human attributes, the German mineral glass on top stands for strength and clarity, its dashing dial showcase sharpness, the very original and pliable strap pursues the sense of control and the moon-phase display depicts synchronicity with nature. Crafting an innovation is hard but harder is to make it relatable to people, relevant to their usage and charm. The watch simply appeals to people, made with an approach to cast away the uncool, over-styled, bluntly designed, boring timepieces from their lives and give them a watch they could own as their own.

Art is not achieved with ease; it originates as an outcome of hard-core determination and zeal. Since 2015, watch-making has been an art thriving in the premises of Megalith, evolving and expanding with every next timepiece of ours. At here, we avoid any form of impetuosity while incorporating our resources in the wholesome development of each unit, we retain our originality in our methods to explore the motives to be served by our products.
Paving a path towards being the watch of the present and upcoming generations, we have vested ourselves in establishing confidence among people for the brand. Megalith’s 8092M is indeed infused with this trust and confidence, a watch exquisitely designed for the men of outstanding grit. We are watch-lovers first, then watch-makers thus we are well aware of the impact and influence a watch delivers in the statement of a person’s presence, this profound ticking sense enables us to keep our products in accordance with the priorities of our customers, meanwhile leading us in the domain of watch creation.

Endowed with enchanting finesse and eminent work mechanism, 8092M – the mechanical watch is a delightful time-teller surpassing the usual grades of functioning, covering your wrist with the layers of courage and guiding you to the heights of your time.


Original Content by: Rupendra Brahambhatt