Russian watch brand ranking Russian watch which is good
When you bring up your watch, people often think of Swiss watches. Russian watches are rarely mentioned because of the backwardness of watchmaking. Russian watches have a completely different style of European and American watches. Although the watchmaking technique is not high, it is still collected by many watch friends as an interest. Russian watch brand... View full text >>

Russian watch brand introduction What are the Russian watches?

Speaking of Russia, the most famous ones are their vodka and AK47, but today we have to tell you about the Russian watch brand. Russia has never been a big watch country. In the early years, it also bought watches from the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany and other countries. Later, it established its own... Read more>>

Russian watch history
Russia has never been a big country in watch production. More than 100 years ago, it imported western clocks from Britain and France, and then handed over tribute to the emperor of the Qing Dynasty. The number is still quite large. In modern times, many watch factories were built in the Soviet Union. At least there are more than 10 well-known brands, such as Kilo...