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Men's Watches Rolex

Rolex is the number one target for many people buying watches. Want to buy a Rolex this year? Which are the most popular styles? How much is a Rolex watch?(by Rolex Men's Watch Price you can know) Here are six Rolex men's mechanical watches. Know more about the Rolex brand story :FAMOUS WATCH BRANDS ― ROLEX Men's Watches Rolex: Explorer 214270 Entry-level players want to play Rolex and want to buy a Rolex to go out. Where appropriate, the character Explorer 214270 (commonly known as "369") is definitely one of your best considerations, with a very simple dial design. But with the most timeless iconic design, the Chromalight blue night light on the black dial is the most attractive! Rolex Explorer 214270's 39mm case,...

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Top watch brand ranking you should know

World watch ranking and luxury watch brand we should know The watch brand ranking is mainly based on the movement and the grade of brand, does not take the material of case into account. Rolex; IWC; etc. is called the first-class watch, so I call the watch with a higher grade than Rolex as a Super-class watch.    Watch ranking as bellow: Ranking NO.1 watch: The Super-class watch:It is famous for making complex functional watches. These watches brand has a very high gold content and limited production. There are mainly Patek Philippe; Audemars Piguet; Vacheron Constantin; A.LANGE&SOEHNE; Breguet; ROGER DUBIUS; PARMIGIANI; Blancpain (complex type, its common type is a first-class watch); Ulysse Nardin (complex type, its common type is the first-class watch); FRANK MULLER(complex...

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