World watch ranking and luxury watch brand we should know

The watch brand ranking is mainly based on the movement and the grade of brand, does not take the material of case into account. Rolex; IWC; etc. is called the first-class watch, so I call the watch with a higher grade than Rolex as a Super-class watch. 


Watch ranking as bellow:

Ranking NO.1 watch:

The Super-class watch:It is famous for making complex functional watches. These watches brand has a very high gold content and limited production. There are mainly Patek Philippe; Audemars Piguet; Vacheron Constantin; A.LANGE&SOEHNE; Breguet; ROGER DUBIUS; PARMIGIANI; Blancpain (complex type, its common type is a first-class watch); Ulysse Nardin (complex type, its common type is the first-class watch); FRANK MULLER(complex type, its common type is a first-class watch); GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL (GUB39 automatic movement and female watch is the first-class watch); Girard-Perregaux (complex type, its common type is the first-class watch).


Ranking NO.2 watch:

First-class first-type watch:Rolex; IWC; Jaeger-LeCoultre; Cartier; Chopard.


Note 1: Though of the same watch brand, the quality of the watch may be different, they are classified according to the watch proportions. The Super-class indicates that the brand is known for its complex function watches, or of top-level movement or top brand. For example, common type of Ulysse Nardin, FRANK MULLER is based on ETA2892 but it does not affect the overall image. After published several tourbillons, flying back-countdown, the double gooseneck fine-tuning the movement, Glashütte has got rid of the ordinary image of the GUB39 movement and can compete with LANGE.


Ranking NO.3 watch:

The second-class first-type watch: the core of ETA, mostly biased to ETA advanced core, has a certain transformation and polishing process or design highlights, occupying the mid-range and high-level areas. Breitling; Tudor; TAG HEUER luxury; PAUL PICOT; MARTIN BRAUN; Baume & Mercier; Maurice Lacroix; PORSCHE DESIGN; IKEPOD (most observatory level); ALAIN SILBERSTEIN; EBERHARD (strong movement modification, CHRONO4 amazing ) VULCAIN (home alarm core); BVLGARI; HUBLOT; VENTURA (most observatory level).


The second-class second-type watch: With the backbone of the middle-level core of ETA, the changes are small, the grinding in general, and the tool is strong. RADO; Movado; ETERNA; XEMEX; REVUE THOMMEN; SCHWARZ ETIENNE; Longines; FORTIS; MINERA; JACQUES ETOILE; DANIEL JEAN-RICHARD; TUTIMA; SINN; NIVREL; MUEHLE; NOMOS; RAINER BRAND; HANHART; STOWA(JOERGSCHAUER); SOTHIS.

Note 2: There are many high-quality products in the second-class, such as the 2892 plus the perpetual calendar module or the use of the intelligent movement, the price is not cheap, mainly referring to its comprehensive level and market positioning.


Source: Longines


Ranking NO.4 watch:

The third-class watch: with ETA based core, but the quality is guaranteed, authentic manufacturer brand. ORIS;Tissot;HAMILTON;MIDO;ZENO;MARCELLO C;DAVOSA;LIMES,KAUFMANN,LACO.


Ranking NO.5 watch:

The fourth-class watch: some Swiss watches with ETA cheap core or Japanese core, the quality is fine: Titoni, ENICAR, ROAMER, CYM, DOXA, SANDOZ, BULOVA, etc. And SWATCH, CERTINA. Germany JUNGHANS. Russian flight chronograph watch (similar to the Swiss 7734 core).


Ranking NO.6 watch:

The fifth-class watch: Seiko; Citizen; Orient; Casio; Russian flying alarm watch and Rostock (past military watch).

Several types of watch brand not listed in the brand ranking of watch:

1. watch brand from the independent watchmaker: Because its scale is not as huge as the flanged Muller, and not stable enough, it is not easy to assess. 

2. the brand is not yet familiar to international. The promotion is relatively low-key and focuses on a small circle. Such as GRAHAM; URBAN JUERGENSEN; KURTH (German family watchmaker, limited inventory with old inventory); HARWOOD (invented automatic rotor table old brand), BOVET broadcast. Some sources are unknown and the quality is difficult to evaluate.

3. the watch of fashion jewelry stationery brand: not known for the manufacture of watches. Such as Dunhill; Montblanc; HARRY WINSTON; TIFFANY; Louis Vuitton; Chanel; GUCCI; ESPRIT and so on.

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