Although some might say that having just one good watch it's enough, we and anyone that knows the true allure of watches respectfully disagree. Like clothing and shoes, watch wearing is largely about being fashionable.

Just like some shoes go better with specific outfits, some watches simply look more exquisite with the right wardrobe. That means that different attires demand a specific watch in order to look truly enhanced.

However, this does not mean that you have got to burn through your savings whenever you got a new outfit and just found the right watch to go with it. There are stylish yet, affordable watch options that can keep you fashionable without making you broke, as we will discuss later.

For now, let's talk about different watch wearing styles.

Watch Wearing Occasions

Depending on what you would be doing at the time, a specific kind of watch might be best suited for you. When we talk about the 'what' you are going to be doing, we mean both the occasion and the physical activity, if any.

Some people wear watches as an accessory, some wear them as a tool for a sport or occupation, and some people do both things at different times. Here are the best watches to wear on the most common occasions.

Watch Wearing in Professional Settings

For the most part, wearing a watch in the workplace mainly requires it to be understated when it comes to its looks. Nothing that fancy as that you would take it to a wedding but rather something that immediately looks both rugged and formal enough. The type of work performed also plays a big part, of course.


If you perform more of a desk job, a leather strap band watch like the 8245M quartz watch does do the trick. When it comes to managerial or executive positions, a stainless-steel band watch can convey the sense of hierarchy pretty well.

If you perform manual labor or your work involves moving around a lot, rubber strap watches are the go-to for you.

Watch Wearing for Weddings/Black Tie Events

These are the formal occasion when it is not simply okay to be looking dashing; it is practically required. If there's one time when you would like to showcase your most ornate watch, this is it.


If you indeed choose to go with the timeless black tie and tuxedo combination, then an equally classical watch like the 8391M mechanical watch might be for you. The dark coloration of the face of the watch, along with the silver looks of the stainless steel, contrasts nicely with tuxedo getups.

Not only its elegant design featuring a metallic strap does evoke classical designs of yore, but it also has a modern touch. Its darker-colored watch face stands protected by a night un-scratchable sapphire glass. The material is strong enough to stand right next to diamonds when it comes to damage resistance, so its strong enough to keep it pristine looking.

Watch Wearing in Sports

This is one that is the one that it's all about function. Sports like diving, cycling, and racing do require watches to measure performance. The sport in question will demand a specific kind of watch.

For example, divers require both a water-resistant watch, preferably digital, that has a strap made of rubber. Yet, the most important thing would be its water-resistant levels. Swimmers can get away with using 50 meters waterproof models, but divers must go for 100 meters ones or higher.

Racing sports, on the other hand, better choose a chronograph watch to better measure speed. In the case of cyclist, it better also have a rubber band to make wearing it more comfortable. You can recognize chronograph watches by their many 'circles' on their watch faces.

Watch Wearing Casually

Modesty does it in this case. If your weekend does not include lots of running around or sporty activities, both metal or leather straps are okay.


However, for people whose weekends tend to be more of an adventure, nylon and rubber strap watches are the way to go. The comfortability of the strap's feel when you move around while wearing it is unrivaled. Also, the protection the sapphire glass brings means they are made for rough play.

Finally, both nylon and rubber straps usually do come in more color variations than, say, metal straps. Thus, it does expand your outfit options somewhat.

Watch Wearing Then and Watch Wearing Now

Not so long ago, if you were to ask someone the actual reason why they wore a watch, they would undoubtedly tell you: 'to tell the time.'

That is just not the case now, at least, for the great majority of people. They are now likely to answer something very different indeed. They would answer a variation of something between the lines of 'because it looks great with this outfit.'

Something clearly unthinkable for someone that around a century ago only wore theirs in order to be on time. How did this fascinating change happen? How did we go from watch wearing as a social and professional necessity to watch wearing as a fashion complimentary?

Smarter Gadgets

At some point, we went from telling time with the device worn on our wrist to tell it with the one that rests either on our hands or pockets. The 'why' as to how that happened was clearly the advent of the smartphone.

Yes, there were 'dumber' phones before the smartphone. But people still used either digital or analog watches to a certain extent even when phones were starting to catch on.

Young people that saw the rise of the iPhone and Android phones with their cameras and instant messaging capabilities, however, were no longer impressed with a regular watch. Not even remotely.

The arguably infinite entertainment they could have access to thanks to these devices was unheard of. They also happened to display the time of the day for convenience purposes, just like the older cellular phones before them.

Better yet, among its settings, you could change it, so that it displays a different time zone instead. No need to wind it at all either. Just tap a couple of times in the right setting option, and voila.

Seriously, how could watch wearing compete in any way with that? Well, one avenue remained. One thing that the smartphone could not catch on: fashionable status symbol.

Watch Wearing's Status of Status Symbol Remains

See, because smartphones are consumer electronics, they must be somewhat accessible in price. Yes, the more upscale models are pricier, but there are a lot of other less costly, less fancy ones. None are comparable to the imposing price of a high-quality timepiece of a household brand.

That last part it's not necessarily completely true. There are many affordable options in watches that look just as stylish as big brand names, as we will discuss in just a bit. However, for the sake of argument, let's reiterate: 'high-quality watches are a bigger status symbol than smartphones.'

Anyone with a little bit of effort (a lot in some parts of the world) could afford an upscale model smartphone. However, someone must have a strong bank balance in order to afford a timepiece from a high-end brand, and people recognize that.

In public, kids do show off their smartphones to one another. However, adults rather showcase and compare their more expensive toys when they gather together. In either business, formal or casual functions, you can always see men dressed to the occasion sporting carefully chosen watches.

This is because it tells those onlookers around them something about the wearer. Usually, we can sum up that ‘something; as:

  1. This is a man with a sense of style.
  2. This is a man that is doing well financially.

Both things reflect positively on the wearer. It means that they are both appreciative of the finer things in life and potential providers likely possessing strong work ethics. Two traits that inspire respect and admiration in men. Thus, while functionally inferior, watch wearing can still enhance how others see you in a way no smartphone could.

Affordable Watch Wearing for Every Occasion

As said before, when it comes to watches, people often think of them as expensive. While that is true for the high-end brands, know that there are affordable ones that are just as stylish, such as Megalith.

We at megalith watches do proud ourselves on striving to become and remain 'the mature men's first watch.'

What we mean by that is that we want to provide affordable watches to the up-and-coming man of today that match their style. See, oftentimes, what these men have in ambition, they tend to lack in funds. Yet, they still want to stand out just the same and, for them, we have the watches for the job.

Strategic sourcing in our privileged position within Guangdong, the watchmaking capital of the world, makes it possible. We are able to offer these up-and-coming men watches that are just as stylish and durable as those their favorite movie stars wear. And that we do for a fraction of the price.

That way, men that are eager to start making their way into the world are able to express the whole range of their style without breaking the bank. Feel free to shop around until you find the watches to complement all of your watch wearing occasions.