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Top 50 men watches brand-luxury watch rank

There are many luxurious watch brands in the world, and the same brand of watches will be very different in price and design, we can't simply tell which brand of watches is more famous. So they are divided into five levels: Top Luxury watch High Luxury watch Luxury watch Basic Luxury watch Fashion watch   The first level of men watch brand we call them the Top Luxury watch because their feature: > $40,000 Superb heritage/blood Exclusive (limited) There may not be the best resale value Small niche boutique (independent) Impeccable craftsmanship Brand recognition in the watch industry Complex automatic internal motion Precious metals and diamonds Sapphire crystal The top 10 top luxury watches brand rank in this Category: Patek Philippe Jaeger-LeCoultre Audemars Piguet CARTIER  Vacheron...

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What kind of watch does the man wear-watch suitable for men

As the only accessory for men, what kind of watch is the choice of men? Judge a man who has taste or not, not to look at his appearance, height, wallet, and not to see his academic qualifications, as long as looks at the thing he wears on his neck, the things around his waistband , you will have a three-point feeling. The most influential is the one worn on ths wrist. We know that except for the simple wedding ring worn by men, the only decoration is the watch. The most annoying thing is that men bring gold jewelry, even if the gentleman, the learned man, wears a big yellow-necked necklace on his neck and wears a yellow gold ring on...

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