As the only accessory for men, what kind of watch is the choice of men?

Judge a man who has taste or not, not to look at his appearance, height, wallet, and not to see his academic qualifications, as long as looks at the thing he wears on his neck, the things around his waistband , you will have a three-point feeling. The most influential is the one worn on ths wrist.

watch suitable for men
We know that except for the simple wedding ring worn by men, the only decoration is the watch. The most annoying thing is that men bring gold jewelry, even if the gentleman, the learned man, wears a big yellow-necked necklace on his neck and wears a yellow gold ring on his finger, his image will be greatly reduced . But with the exception of watches, the golden watch is much better than the same style of gold bracelet anyway. It can be seen that things like watches are really a bit of magic in men.

Two kind of man suitable for sports watches.

The little man suitable for sports watches. The so-called little man includes all men who are young and men who think they are young. These men are generally seen wearing sneakers, backpacks and cool at the same time, playing computer games will smash their chests, watching comics will grin, eating junk food will never stop. When they see the colorful monster watches, the expression may be more focused than seeing the pretty girl. It is time to change the watch, it is more suitable for a multi-purpose sports watch. Thermometers, stopwatches, diving watches and all sorts of weird features will interest these men, just like a novelty toy that he never puts down. Every day, they play with the watch on their wrist hand, so they can think of people and always mourn the people who give the watches. Look, this kind of gift is more counted, and it is much more brilliant then to call him every day to ask him whether he think of you.

And sports watch is suitable for men who love sports and are bright and sunny. Their footsteps never stop, sports watches are not only watches, but also their spirit.

Sending mature man  a fit watch can be a little thought.

Many of them are successful people or quasi-successful people, and they are reluctant to lose points on such important objects as watches. Plum and Innag are not in their eyes, and at least  should be a Tissot. If you have enough bags and this person is worth your investment, Rolex, Omega and Longines are good choices. Rolex is to have five needles to taste, Omega also has 21 diamonds, Longines is best with the crocodile leather strap. Some people may say why they don't send the PIAGET . Please, don't be fool, the PIAGET watch is  rich and rich are all outside, the real aristocrats don't look at it. Nowadays, when the real family in Europe wears a diamond ring, they wear the diamond to the palm of their hand. From the back of the hand, there is only a frosted platinum ring. When you turn it over, you can see a diamond that is as big as a small mahjong tile. 

There is also a class of men for those special watches.

For example, a designer watch with a strong sense of design, or an antique watch, or simply a pocket watch.
These men are really unique. Yes, it is unique. It’s like saying elegance, this is a unique kind. The elegant man is suitable for the antique watch, the slightly yellowish white dial records its special value, and the crisp ticking shows the superb skill, and the refined and elegant will not tarnish such good things. It is also said that it is domineering, domineering man has a kind of momentum, such a man is suitable for pocket watches. The long bracelet is tied with a round watch. Press the spring, and the cover pops up. The palms are closed, the cover is closed, and everything goes to loneliness. A bleak watch needs a domineering person to set off, and a domineering person needs a faint watch to ease.

A good watch is a good man. The most expensive watch is always simple to design, the Roman on the white dial, the second hand, the minute hand, the hour hand, the black leather strap, the precise time, for decades, like a man  never let lover,they own woman disappointed to wait. If there is no such man, it is better to buy a good watch for yourself, no man, at least not to miss the time to find a good man.