An Overview of the Analog and Digital Technology

The world we live in is analogical in its disposition. When you observe the characteristics of nature, you see there is an infinite amount of possibilities. As humans, our senses perceive the world around us analogically.

There is an infinite number of sounds we can hear, there is an infinite amount of feeling we can feel, even an infinite amount of colors we can see (even if the difference is indiscernible to the eye). There is no defined limit, new discoveries are made yearly.

Analog signals serve as a representation, an analogy. For instance, if you measure your height by a doorway and you mark the top of your head with a pencil, that space in between the mark isn’t you, but it’s a representation of your height.

Digital is totally different as it stores information received in the form of numbers (digits)Digital signals and objects operate in the sphere of the discrete and finite. The possible sets of values must be limited, it can be between two to any number but not infinity. 

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

Also, an analogy is most times used when we refer to things that are not digital. An analog watch is a watch that represents the passage of time, as the hands sweep around a marked dial and how much the hands have moved determines what the time is. In essence, this is not time itself, but an analogy of it. A digital watch also represents the passage of time through the use of numbers (digits).


The most obvious difference is in their display form. While analog watches usually display the time though dials and hands, the digital watch uses digits through an LED, LCD, or VFD screens.

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

After the advent of the digital watch in the 1970s, it seemed natural to expect a shift from the analog watch into a more futuristic looking watch that suited the idea of an advanced future. Even though digital watches are more accurate in the calculation of time and can display time to a faction if a second. Analog watches are considered as more traditional and it is still widely used till this day and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Though the core purpose of buying a watch whether analog or digital is to tell the time, these two types of watch perform the basic function of telling the time, with lots of additional functions or complications. People wear wristwatches for various reasons, so it boils down to a matter of preference when it comes to choosing between an analog or digital watch. 

However, some watches are more acceptable than others depending on a variety of factors. All these will be explored, the pros and cons of both analog and digital watch, why you should choose either of the two and factors to consider in your decision.


A watch as earlier said makes use of the hour, second hands-on watch face also the dia with the hour markers which can be as simple as dots, numbers, Roman numerals. Analog watches run on an engine known as the Movement or Caliber. This is the internal mechanism that drives the hands on the watch face ensuring accurate timekeeping. It also powers the other complications on the watch. The movement can be either Mechanical or Quartz based. For more information on watch complications please check here.

Analog timepieces are considered more traditional and accepted in modern times and blend well with most occasions. These are usually the favorites of people who love classic accessories.

Pros of An Analog Watch

  • Analog watches have a more classic and antique appeal
  • Analog watches are available in a variety of designs and forms
  • Analog watches are more suitable for some special events and all types of occasions
  • Analog watches are more durable due to their harder materials

Cons of An Analog Watch

  • Precision timing poses an as big disadvantage to analog watches
  • Analog watches do not have a variety of complications like alarms that are easily found on its digital counterpart
  • It not as easy to read the time or make use of certain complications when compared to digital watch
  • Analog watches usually have high economic value than digital timepieces.


A digital watch displays the time in digits, unlike the analog watch that tells the time on the dial. The “digital” aspect of a digital watch refers only to the way it displays time and not how it is powered. Though most digital watches are driven electronically, it can also be driven mechanically, which is rare.

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

The biggest selling point of the digital watch is the fact it is a hub for an array of functions like calendar, calculators, stopwatches, timer, compass, alarms, luminosity, etc. digital watches can be designed to be very cost-effective or expensive depending on the added functions.

More often than not digital watches are considered casual watches and may not suit a wide range of special occasions. 

Pros of The Digital Watch

  • Digital watches are relatively cheaper than analog watches
  • The exceptional precision of the digital watch makes it popular in the sports world 
  • Digital watches provide time details to the hundredths of seconds even milliseconds. This additional information is beneficial to athletes and people work with time
  • Digital watches come with a wide range of additional functions, as opposed to the analog 
  • Digital watches are easier to read 

Cons of The Digital Watch

  • Only a few digital timepieces are considered elegant and fashionable. They usually have a casual appearance
  • Digital watches are not generally accepted and have a smaller target audience in comparison to the analog watch

Factors to Consider 

Personal style preference: It is important to make a choice based on your personal preference and not then based on another’s.

The reading of the watch: analog watches are not as easy to read if the watch is for a kid it better to consider the digital watch as it is easier to read.

The purpose of buying a watch: as an athlete looking to get a watch to enhance their performance it on right to get a digital watch, making the purpose in important factor



Not to worry. Megalith has recognized this gap in the watch industry, combining both the analog and digital features in our analog digital watch collection.

Check out a few of them below:

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

The Megalith 0075M analog digital watch:

The Megalith 0075M men watch is a perfect blend of both the analog and digital features. At first glance, it looks predominantly analog but on closer observation its digital features are evident. The 0075M with black stainless-steel strap, cool look of the round case& black dial and the puristic and clear line of the quartz digital watch designed complement each other for that ideal daily wear.

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

The Megalith 8051M  analog digital watch:

The 8051m men watch in the leather strap edition, gives this blend of both digital and analog a cool look. The 8051M with its silver finish on the round case and black dial complement each other ideally and guarantee a glittering appearance.

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

The Megalith 0031M analog digital watch:

The 0031M men watch with a green nylon strap and elegant silver round case and a complimentary black dial gives this watch an overall appealing look for all casual events.The combination of digital and analog displays makes it a top choice.

Analog Watch VS Digital Watch - Which Is Better

The Megalith 8067M analog digital watch:

The 8067M men watch with a black rubber strap, cool look of the round case and black dial makes it absolutely suitable for sporting events. The analog and digital display blend make it a top choice for any athlete given its added durability and flexibility.