Timepieces are not uniformly made from only one type of material. Over the years, watchmakers have dabbled in incorporating some pretty wild design choices that either became a passing fad or innovated the industry. One such timepiece crafting material that has found its place in the horological industry is ceramic. Ceramic is a type of material that is non-metallic and solid. Ceramic in watches can be manufactured either by combining metal compounds with pure materials or by combining the powder with alloy.

Ceramic watches are typically synonymous with luxury watches due to its polished appearance. Of course, don’t mistake the ceramic used in timepieces to be the same as those you can see in kitchenware. The type of ceramic used in watches are far more robust and are similar to the type used by NASA in making components for their satellites and rocket ships. To be specific, timepieces use a type of ceramic fiber or powder-type ceramic – which gives ceramic watches their distinct visual aesthetics.

For now, let us go through our list of most recommended ceramic watches for men that caters to all budgets.

Rado DiaMaster XL Plasma High Tech Ceramic Watch (R140725256)

Rado DiaMaster XL Plasma High Tech Ceramic Watch

When it comes to ceramic watches, few have a mastery of this design than Rado. Rado uses high-tech ceramic material that goes through plasma treatment which gives it its distinct highly-polished appearance. Rado has always pushed forth in advancing watchmaking with its unique designs and revolutionary use of various materials (e.g. hi-tech ceramic) to enhance the overall aesthetics that timepieces can deliver. The DiaMaster XL is a classy watch that features a gold-tone textured dial with silver-tone indices. It also incorporates blue-toned hands to emphasize the analog operation and enhance the overall classiness of the DiaMaster XL. As for features, there is a 3 o’clock date display and the watch provides up to 100-meters of water-resistance. The Rado DiaMaster XL also utilizes a Swiss-automatic movement with 21-jewels analog dial that further enhances its precision in timekeeping.

Rado Integral Platinum Ceramic Watch (R20784159)

Rado Integral Platinum Ceramic Watch

Rado makes a back-to-back appearance, this time around with a timeless rectangular-shaped timepiece in the form of the Integral ceramic watch model. Featuring a 27mm diameter case made from ceramic and a bracelet made from the same material, the Rado Integral Platinum definitely exudes an air of elegance without being too visually ‘loud’. The silver-toned ceramic case and bracelet are accentuated by a pure black dial with sleek silver-toned hands and fine pin-like hour markers. The case robust durability as well with its use of the sapphire crystal, known not only for its durability but also for its excellent scratch-resistance. In addition, the Rado Integral also has a 30-meter water resistance which means it will be able to withstand the occasional splash and brief immersions underwater. If you enjoy the look of a classic rectangle timepiece, you will definitely love the unique style that it can exude when it uses polished ceramic.

EONE Bradley Element Ceramic Quartz Watch (BR-CE-B)

EONE Bradley Element Ceramic Quartz Watch

The EONE Bradley Element features a more experimental watch design with its unique three-dimensional dial face. This aesthetic makes the EONE Bradley quite appealing to watch enthusiasts who enjoy a broad selection of watch designs. The three-dimensional appearance of the dial is achieved by placing differently angled contours that are directed to different markers. The case, which measures 40mm in diameter is made from durable and scratch-resistant ceramic which is strengthened even further with the use of PVD-plated coating. The mesh strap is made from stainless steel which not only enhances the durability but also adds more flair to the EONE Bradley Element’s unique look. Another notable feature is the use of a unique ‘hour ball’ rather than the traditional watch hands.

Bell & Ross Ceramic Camo Watch (BR03-92)

Bell & Ross Ceramic Camo Watch

What we like about ceramic watches is that while it maintains its luxury charm, its design can vary and is not limited to prestige-type timepieces. Case in point, the Bell & Ross Ceramic Camo Watch which incorporates a casual and rugged design that will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and is also perfect for casual use. That said, the Bell & Ross Ceramic Camo still features some high-quality materials and stylish design that help give it that extra leverage in comparison to other camo watches. The 42mm ceramic case is equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that adds to its overall durability. It also features a fixed bezel and a water resistance rating of up to 100-meters. In addition, the matte black ceramic case’s camo dial incorporates luminous sword-shaped hands and is operated by an accurate automatic movement. This watch also made it on our list of best camo watches.

Rado True Open-Heart Ceramic Watch

Rado True Open-Heart Ceramic Watch

What can you do to further enhance the elegance delivered by a ceramic watch? Incorporate it into a skeletal dial design. This is what Rado did with its True Open-Heart Ceramic Watch and the results are simply stunning. As you would expect from a Rado timepiece, the True Open-Heart Ceramic Watch utilizes top-notch quality materials into its build. From the high-tech ceramic 40mm case which has a scratch-resistant finish, to its excellent Swiss automatic movement – the Rado True Open-Heart is a genuine marvel in timepiece design.

Other notable aspects about this Rado timepiece include its use if hypoallergenic material and thermo watch structure that adapts to the skin temperature of the wearer. It surpasses its competition in terms of comfort, no doubt about that. Additionally, it also has a shock-resistant build which enhances its overall durability.

Panerai Radiomir (PAM00384)

Panerai Radiomir

A true legend in the industry, Panerai has been around for about a century and it managed to maintain its prestige throughout most of this timespan. What Panerai lacks in innovative design, it more than makes up for with its top-tier horology structure and craftsmanship. Panerai’s Radiomir is one of their flagship models, so expect high-level watch craftsmanship. The Radiomir PAM00384 model features a polished black ceramic case with a diameter of 45mm. Underneath the sleek aesthetic is an automatic ceramic with a power reserve of up to 8 days, which is a signature feature of Panerai watches. Other notable features include a date display, a sub-dial seconds tracker, and a battery gauge. The Radiomir watch has built a reputation for its excellent build that shines its practicality and durability.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch (

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch

We can’t go through a watch list based on style without mentioning the brand, Omega. The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watch does differ somewhat from what you would expect from an Omega timepiece, with its vibrant color and adventurous design. However, underneath its upbeat appearance lies Omega’s signature refinement in regard to watch craftsmanship. Staying true to its marine theme, the Seamaster Planet Ocean features a vibrant ocean blue dial and a handsome blue ceramic case that measures in at 45.5mm in diameter. The case is attached to a flexible and durable blue rubber strap with distinct orange stitching that further enhances its visual flair.

Now, while Omega is known for their style – they are also no slouch when it comes to watch functionality. The Seamaster Planet Ocean is a feature-rich timepiece and delivers on all fronts in regards to being an outstanding dive watch. It features a self-winding automatic co-axial chronometer movement that pretty much seals the deal when it comes to accuracy. It incorporates a helium-escape valve along with anti-magnetic construction to deliver its 600-meters of water resistance. The Seamaster Planet Ocean also comes with a date display and GMT (two time zones) for added functionality.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Ceramic Watch (311.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Ceramic Watch

Now, we have something that is more in line with what you would expect from Omega. The Speedmaster Moonwatch excels with its modern and sleek design while incorporating a bunch of nifty modern watch features. This Speedmaster model features a 44.2mm black ceramic case. The leather strap further improves its rugged charm while the sapphire crystal window boosts this timepiece’s overall durability. We would also like to note the transparent back case which gives you a full view of the caliber 9300 self-winding automatic movement that powers the analog dial and two sub-dials. The Speedmaster Moonwatch also comes with an impressive 60-hour power reserve and a decent 50-meters of water resistance.

Longines Conquest Ceramic Watch (L3.657. 4.56.7)

Longines Conquest Ceramic Watch

Another watch brand that has mastered the design of ceramic watches is Longines. This can be best seen with their Conquest timepiece which features a nice and balanced aesthetic with its round 41mm case that combines stainless steel and ceramic components. The hybrid case incorporates a black and silver-tone aesthetic and is equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window. Underneath the proverbial hood of this Longines timepiece lies a Swiss automatic movement that delivers excellence in timekeeping precision. Other features include a date display over at the 3 o’clock position and superb 300-meter water resistance that, we have to be honest, we did not expect from the Longines Conquest.

IWC Flyback Chronograph Ceramic Top Gun Mojave Desert Pilot Watch

IWC Flyback Chronograph Ceramic Top Gun Mojave Desert Pilot Watch

Looking for a ceramic watch that gives a more rugged charm? Look no further than what the IWC Flyback Ceramic watch has to offer. The IWC Flyback Chrono Ceramic Watch features a desert brown aesthetic which gives it a rugged military vibe. In addition to the excellent watch structure, this ceramic watch is also equipped with the in-house caliber 69380 with 33-jewels movement. This mechanism can clock in an astounding 28,800VPH which gives it top-notch precision in timekeeping. The watch movement also packs a power reserve of up to 46 hours.

Additionally, as a pilot watch, it comes with a nifty ‘flyback’ functionality which allows wearers to reset the chronograph sub-dials with a single push of a button. Another notable aspect is its use of soft-iron inner case components which helps protect the IWC Flyback from magnetic fields.


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