The movement, and this is an absolute advantage in the current highly competitive watchmaking industry, and the countdown performance of the PanoRetroGraph is a rare and surprisingly innovative watch performance in recent years.

       Glashütte's factory has a history of more than 160 years and it retains the tradition of German watchmaking craftsmanship, and each watch meets the industry standards of the region. Glashütte is able to complete the invention, design, production tools, production of spare parts, to product assembly, grinding, packaging, etc., completely completed by the original Glashütte.

       The German watch has a unique style, as is the Glashütte watch. The German industry pays more attention to technology. The factory is highly technical, functional and durable. The German watch industry also maintains this tradition. In addition, German watches generally do not pay attention to the design of the dial like the Swiss watch, the size of the watch is not as compact as the Swiss watch. The design of the German watch is relatively simple and practical. Today, Glashütte's patents are still relished, laying the foundation for the German watchmaking industry. Glashütte not only gathers countless second-to-none watchmakers, but also brings together many watchmakers, pointers and balance wheel manufacturers, and supplies German-made accessories to companies that are committed to developing quality watches.

The German watch guarantees that the watchmaking technique is as superb and fine as the Swiss watch, but it presents a different style. When others  are wearing a Swiss watch on the street, wearing a German watch is also a good choice.