When it comes to watches, everyone will think of Swiss watches. Because Swiss watches are of superior quality and technical excellence, they are world-renowned. However, German watches also have a very high craftsmanship and are fully capable of competing with Swiss watches. There are also many loyal fans of German watches in the world. Then what is the ranking of the German watch brand, the following watch family will introduce you to the ranking of the top 10 watch brands in Germany.

German watch brand best 1. A.LANGE&SOEHNE

       A.LANGE&SOEHNE, the world's top brand, is a new German traditional family brand. The workmanship is exquisite. The whole series uses its own movement, which is good at complex menu making. The movement materials use German silver (white copper) which is less common in the world. The three-quarter splint designed with German classical features is equipped with a gooseneck fine-tuning device. It only produces gold and platinum watches. The price is at least 15,000 euros. It is in the top position of the current high-end watch field pyramid, and is the German watch brand. The top of the list, can compete with the world's first-class watch brand Patek Philippe. ,

German watch brand best 2:GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL

       It originated from the traditional German watchmaking town and was the brand name. It was formed by the integration of various watch factories. It was previously a democratic East German company. After the privatization, it quickly rose up. The name “ORIGINAL” highlighted its orthodox status. Using its own movement, the initial style is similar to LANGE, the grade is slightly lower (also produces ordinary grade steel gauges), and now it is fully catching up, gradually develop complex new models with individuality, and the conventional steel gauges have gradually reduced production (these watches were once It is considered to be a high cost-effective Yangchun goods, about 2000-3000 euros. At present, there should be a small amount of inventory in the German market. With the gradual promotion of the brand, investors with limited funds should grasp that more than 20,000 yuan can be enjoyed. The top brand! It is also one of the German watch brands.

German watch brand best 3: UNION

       UNION (this brand is only for a few countries in Europe) is the civilian-grade deck of Glashütte. The relationship is similar to Rolex and Tudor, but there are differences. UNION also uses a self-made movement. In recent years, I have worked hard on the details such as appearance, and the functional style has also increased a lot. The perpetual calendar model is cheaper in the same kind of products in the world. The BERGTER limited series movement is from the high-grade core of the parent factory Glashütte. The polishing quality is not Weak, the surface design is classical and generous, and the price is relatively flat (about 30,000), which is very suitable for Chinese watchmakers. This series can still find unused items in the German second-hand market.

German watch brand best 4: Nomos

       German famous watch brand, Chinese name: Nomos (Made in Germany), the continuation of the legend of Glashütte watch; its movement has been independently designed, developed, manufactured; in the world watch industry, many wrists Table manufacturers know that its engineering design is not available from third parties; it is also one of the few manufacturers in the world with independent intellectual property rights and the ability to independently design, develop and manufacture movements.

German watch brand best 5: CHRONOSWISS

    CHRONOSWISS, Munich's GERD-R.LANG worked for the famous sports watch brand TAG Heuer factory. In the 1980s, when faced with the quartz trend, he founded the brand based on his confidence in Swiss traditional mechanical timepieces: Starting with a chronograph and acquiring a batch of Swiss stock-discontinued movements, it has begun a long road to entrepreneurship. For 20 years, every masterpiece has won many awards. When another spring of mechanical watches arrives, Ruibao has grown into a very good one. The classical watch brand is very popular among people. It is one of the brands in the German watch brand list. Since the core part of the brand watch is mostly done in Switzerland, the dial is marked "SWISS MADE"

German watch brand best 6: JUNGHANS

       The JUNGHANS watch brand was born in 1861, and now more than 150 years of history, Junghans is currently the No. 1 in Germany. It has the largest watch factory in Germany and is the designated chronograph for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The style of the Junghans German watch inherits the simplicity, form and function of the Bauhaus, which affects the world's architectural style. Therefore, Junghans focuses on the engraving of the case, and the movement of the splint is not as Swiss. Spend a lot of trouble. Therefore, Junghans’ watch should be defined as adhering to the national characteristics, the overall design is clean and concise, and the unique low-key luxury style crafts are everywhere.

German watch brand best 7: TUTIMA

       TUTIMA has recently become famous for its NATO Air Force watch equipped with LEMANIA 5100 chronograph core (discontinued) - of course, its retro pilot table also has a lot of fans, and El Pasino wearing it is even more exciting in the film. The hearts of the emperor fans. Occasionally, some Dima warehouse goods can be seen in the German market. These ETA7750 chronographs are all-steel case bracelets. The design of the emperor chronograph is accurate and waterproof. It is a good choice for entry-level.

German watch brand best 8: HANHART

       The HANHART classical style is more obvious. The chronograph retains the size of the old watch. The position of the two chronograph buttons is asymmetrical, which means that the cost is increased on the ETA7760 base. The SINN is the production of professional watches. Manufacturers, the influence of fans in the world is expanding, many patented technologies are amazing, diving meters filled with liquid silicon (water resistance measured to 8000-12000M, world record) is actually SINN technology, France BELL & ROSS table He was commissioned to work for him. SINN's well-known styles are the EZM Special Operations mission series and various flight models.

German watch brand best 9: NIVREL

       NIVREL's watch is mainly recommended. This is a relatively unpopular brand. Most of them use the ETA core modified by ETA or KELEK technology factory DUBOIS DEPRAZ (the same door as the Breitling movement). It is equipped with a DD core questionnaire ( Also changed from ETA) is probably the cheapest watch in the world. It is one of the brands in the German watch brand list.

German watch brand best 10:GLASHUETTE MUEHLE

       GLASHUETTE MUEHLE has gradually attracted the attention of some friends. This factory is located in the watchmaking town GLASHUETTE, but it has nothing to do with Glashütte original. Its product style is similar to SINN's professional watch. In recent years, efforts have been made to improve the performance of professional watches. The 2000M diving watch has been developed, which is the spring grade under the trend of sports watches. The observatory models are also among the lower-priced ones. But it is also one of the German watch brand rankings.

       The German watch guarantees that the watchmaking technique is as superb and fine as the Swiss watch, but it presents a different style. When you are wearing a Swiss watch on the street, choosing to wear a German watch is also a good choice. The above is the ranking of German watch brands, the introduction of Germany's top 10 watch brands. Of course, German watch brands are far more than these, and interested friends can find out more about German watches themselves.