Recently, many friends on the Internet are asking what brand Diesel watches are. In fact, the Diesel watch is a fashion clothing brand from Italy. Diesel is known for its denim and is known as the top three denim brands in Italy with Replay and Energie. So what about Diesel's watch products?


Diesel watch brand profile

         Diesel is the famous Italian fashion denim brand, founded by Renzo Rosso in 1978. It has been 38 years since today. Currently Diesel is one of the 14 brands of the Italian fashion company Genius, and is known as the three Italian denim brands with Replay and Energie.

         Diesel's style is young and creative, and the design inspiration comes from the bits and pieces of our daily lives. The designers are good at catching these most common inspirations and are closely linked to the tide flow. Appropriate evidence of the brand's young characteristics. Before the brand was officially established, Diesel made fine and fashionable jeans for the Italian royal family, which made the royal family extremely satisfied. Because the source of the royal family is scarce, there is not much income. So the founder Renzo Rosso and his two friends decided to set up a company that would provide all the ordinary people with the matching, high quality and reasonably priced jeans.


How about the Diesel watch?

         After the success, Diesel has set its sights on the market for fashion accessories. As one of the accessories, the watch has certainly become an important product of Diesel. The large dial and bold design are the hallmarks of Diesel. The watch is sporty and has a stylish and casual look. As a fashion watch, Diesel Di Sai emphasizes decor, not performance. Products can't be compared with professional watch brands, so most watches in Diesel are quartz watches. Even a few mechanical watches have simple functions such as calendar display and simple timing.


How much is the Diesel watch?

         Diesel watches, the price is generally between $130 - $1500. Be sure to carefully check the qualifications and reputation of the store, so as not to be deceived!