If you mention an Italian watch, people will first think of Panerai and Armani. These brands have long been international brand watch brands. But today we are going to introduce you to an Italian watch brand Fula!

    Fura, an Italian watch brand, was founded in 1927, the company's family founder FURLANETTO, which previously operated leather accessories. In 1980, the FURLA brand was officially founded. The total output value of the FURLA Group has exceeded 80 million Euros and has become one of the most successful brands in the leather industry in Europe and the world.

    In the fashion world, FURLA may be highly regarded by many ladies and ladies, and the female stars ELIZABETHHURLEY and RUBYWAX are very fond of FURLA bags. The current first lady of the United States, LAURABUSH, also held a black FURLACHELSEA bag during her visit. FURLA has branches in Italy, Japan, the United States, France, Spain, Hong Kong, China, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

    Italian leather brand Furla is known for its excellent quality and attracts urban women who are both trend-oriented and quality. Entered the Chinese market in 2007. Furla's brand image is: mature, feminine, with a humorous personality attitude. Furla makes women's opponents' bags more relaxed and special. Other boutiques including wallets, watches, jewelry and accessories are the targets that ladies are eagerly collecting every season. FURLA's unique personality is expressed in its rich colors and styles. Its design concept draws from the natural beauty of Italy, such as the beaches of clear water and sand, the sailing boats on the blue waves, the green olive gardens and the flowers of the four seasons, and the charming southern European style. It has no exaggerated trademarks, with simple lines and ingenious colors to express the young, lively, pretty and confident material of the lady. FURLA is known for its high-quality women's handbags and leather, and its gentle and elegant design has always been popular with women.

    Fula uses the raw materials and color contrast to release the charm and create an inspirational ideology. The latest design direction reflects an elegant, sophisticated and active side. The colors criss-cross and linger in intoxicating cheese tones, including lemon, emerald, sky blue, sea blue, pink, purple, halo, bright white, reddish and beige.