People often get used to the precision and craftsmanship of Swiss watches, the rigor and exquisiteness of German watches. And the French watch? With more passion and happiness, you will find that in this romantic country, the watch has a different expression. When talking about French watches, people often think of Cartier first. Although its watch factory is set up in Switzerland, it is also an authentic French brand. The French watch brand is far more than the Cartier family, the following watch family will introduce the French watch brand.

LIP watch brand ranks top in France

LIP is a French watch brand. If you are French, chances are that your father, grandfather, and even great-grandfather have a Lip watch; this is not an exaggeration, when you know that Lip has produced about tens of millions of watches, and Most of them have been sold in France and you can understand it for granted. From the small-scale company in 1867, Lip has become the largest watch brand in France and has become the most representative French watch brand in the world. Regardless of quality, reliability, accuracy and other aspects, Lip maintains an excellent reputation and also advertises innovative design, creating the first electronic watch in Europe, the first quartz watch in France, and the most modern in Europe at the time. Manufacturing equipment.

Saint Honore watch brand ranks top in France

Saint Honore is a French watch brand. In 1885, Victorin Fresard set up a studio in SAINT HONORÉ Street near the Arc de Triomphe in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. He began to make watches and set the cornerstone of SAINT HONORÉ. In the next 100 years, the business was passed down from generation to generation. It is specially made for many top quality brand names. In 1985, the fourth-generation operator Thierry Fresard decided to develop his own watch brand after taking over the family watchmaking business from his father. In order to commemorate Victorin Fresard's business, he often went to SAINT HONORÉ street to find inspiration for making new watches, so he decided to use SAINT HONORÉ as the brand name. Up to now, SAINT HONORÉ has developed into the most successful and professional watch brand in France.

ALAIN SILBERSTEIN watch brand ranks top in France

ALAIN SILBERSTEIN is a French fashion watch brand. Founder Alain Silberstein is not a stereotyped watchmaker or designer. Alain Silberstein's playful and lively personality is reflected in his work: unbridled and innovative. With extraordinary creativity, he dared to put the tradition aside and boldly injected new blood into the watch industry and became a master of French watch design. The Xiaobo Stan people are called geeks, and the works they designed are all strange. They are round, triangular, star and square crowns with different shapes and color pointers, which bring strange visual effects, even the lugs. It is also cylindrical, stainless steel, the overall color is mainly red, yellow and blue, which strongly highlights the personal style and represents the French flag.

F.P. watch brand ranks top in France

F.P. Journe is a French watch brand named after the founder. As an independent watchmaker brand that does not belong to any big consortium, FP Journe, which has only 30 years of watchmaking history, is unique in the industry: with an annual output of only 800 pieces, for the purpose of implementing the brand's pursuit of excellence and aesthetics, each FPJourne The movements used in the watch are carefully cast in 18K gold. This outstanding technical achievement is unique in the industry.