France is one of the countries with a long history and rich cultural connotations in Europe. It is known as the capital of romance and fashion. Many fashion luxury jewelry brands in the world have been born here. French watch brands are also deeply influenced by local culture, full of fashion and romantic style. So what about the French watch brands?

The Swiss let the people all over the world know that good watches are made in Switzerland. This is true, in fact, Switzerland can become a watch power, related to its geographical location. The valleys of the Jura Mountains are the cradle of the Swiss watch industry, and the border between Switzerland and France and several other countries has changed in history. The borders have changed, but the valleys of Jura have been there. Also located in the French territory of the Jura Mountains, it has almost the same long history of watches and clocks, and it also has many watch companies. This includes the largest sales of Herberlin and the high-end Pequinet.


Herbert and peuignet have a common feature and have a strong design team and quality control team. As for the production part, they do not cover accidents. Because of the commitment of after-sales service, the quality control is quite strict, not inferior to many Swiss brands.

The Herbert watch is a Swiss movement that is luxurious and sophisticated in the art of living in French fashion. Each watch is a reflection of the values of the Herbert watch and its interpretation of romance and fashion. Herbert's unique design concept has been carefully managed by the management and even the craftsmen. Every Herbert watch is handmade by Herb Berlin. Fashion, elegance and timeless style are suitable for men and women to exercise or work in a variety of occasions, so that more watch lovers can fully experience the noble and romantic!


Therefore, not only Switzerland, many countries have some watches worth buying, how many national watches do you collect?