Italy is a country that values ​​the beauty of its appearance. People here pay great attention to dressing. Although they are not punctual, they will definitely wear watches, not to watch time, but the watch has become the best accessory for their taste and personal charm.

Compared to Switzerland, Germany and France, Italian watch brands are not many, but they are classic fashion, such as Bvlgari, Officine Panerai, Bottega Veneta, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Versace and so on. Rooted in the fashion world of Italy, the watch designers here can maximize the latest fashion trends and design a unique watch that is very suitable for the beauty of the people. In addition to fashion, Italian watches are also high-tech, such as:

Bulgari - the world's third largest jewelry brand

      Italy's Bulgari is the world's third largest jewelry brand after France's Cartier and Tiffany. In the production of jewellery, Bulgari uses the color as the essence of the design, and uniquely combines the gems of different colors to use the base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gems.

Panerai - excellent quality of precision machinery

       Founded in 1860, PANERAI is known for its precision machinery and superior quality. The earliest was the production of precision instruments and watches for the Royal Italian Navy. Today Panerai has become a world-renowned premium sports watch brand. Inspired by the design of the sea, Panerai has positioned the brand as a premium watch in the sports and leisure sector. The Italian design style and Swiss expertise make each watch have a distinctive brand style and excellent quality.

The Bottega Veneta BVX watch is suitable for both men and women. It combines extraordinary temperament and practical functions. It always carries on the philosophy of Bottega Veneta's understated luxury. This neutral watch has a matte deep titanium color. Lonely buckle with a brown and cigar-colored crocodile strap. It is full of nature's quiet and comfortable appearance, while at the same time revealing noble and elegant temperament.

Moschino - a strangely designed Milan rookie

       Moschino is a young Milan brand that celebrates its 20th anniversary and is known for its weird design. A cute house-type handbag is the best embodiment. The floral print handbags are full of youthfulness, and the leather handbags with deep pink and tea green show a gentle side. There are evening sandals decorated with pure gold and crystal.

Armani - the leader of the Italian fashion industry
ARMANI Chinese name is "Armani" is the top brand in the Italian fashion industry, just like the watch of LV.ARMANI in the bag may be some accessory products derived from this brand. Just like Montblanc also makes watches. Armani watches bring "casual fashion" to people who love the trend. Pursue the appearance of personality and the foundation of fashion and leisure. Let the Armani watch not only shine in the fashion watch, but also enjoy the elegant and luxurious feeling when attending the formal dressing occasion.


Versace - the symbol of avant-garde art

       Versace, a well-known Italian luxury brand, has created a fashion empire that represents a brand family. Versace's fashion products have penetrated every aspect of life, with its distinctive design style, unique aesthetics and strong avant-garde artistic representation. Let it be popular all over the world. Its design style is distinct and it is a unique symbol of avant-garde art.
  Versace watches are fully compliant with the most stringent Swiss watch manufacturing standards, while also featuring Maison's glamorous style. All of Versace's watches are made in Switzerland. The strict quality control and inspection standards required by the Swiss certificate ensure that each Maison watch is of exceptional quality.