POLICE brand profile

      In 1983, in the beautiful water city of Venice, Italy, the first pair of sunglasses of the POLICE brand was born. Subsequently, following the theme of fashion, temperament and trend, POLICE has successively launched a series of watches, accessories, fashion leather goods and other products. After more than 20 years of development, it has become an international "career fashion" brand, which is popular in more than 70 countries and regions around the world, among which the watch series is the most prominent.

The POLICE brand pays attention to the details of product design, blends the sense of touch, uses wild color combinations and Huaguang's mark, and uses the unique "COOL & SEXY" style to interpret Italian career style and energy, and is proactive for the world. Independent and creative, full of personality and unconventional young people follow and push to become the world's leading brand of leadership trends.

To this day, POLICE watches continue to impress the hearts of fashionable urbanites with their unexpected color matching and eye-catching decorative elements. The model of the active watch will release the privilege and elegance unique to POLICE. All in all, each model has its own identity in the fashion circle, but the inside also contains the personality of POLICE full of energy and power. The pixie police watch will give you an unexpected time experience.


POLICE watch price

The price of POLICE watches ranges from $160 to $400. Among them, the most popular models are priced at around $200.