Tissot watches are different from clothing. Its vitality lies not in the ever-changing, but in the classic style and the modest changes. Every year, the major Tissot watch brands will basically introduce new series and limited editions. These products are mainly based on perfect product lines or improved original sizes. The basic models generally do not change greatly, but the design, size, color, There will be new changes in the details of the material and so on.

 1. Where is the Tissot watch produced? Which country brand is the Tissot watch?

Tissot was founded in the small town of Le Locle in the Jura mountains of Switzerland, and its headquarters is still there. “Made in Switzerland” is a brand that has never been erased in Tissot's heart. The “+” in the Tissot logo is the same as the Swiss flag. This is a symbol of quality and shows the reliable quality of the brand since its inception in 1853. Tissot is a brand that is innovative, but it never forgets its own Swiss blood.

2. How about Tissot's watch? Is the quality of Tissot watches good?

The quality of the Tissot watch is very high. There is no doubt that the Tissot design concept is derived from the true color and nature. The essence is restored in a refined, individual and simple style. Adhere to the theme of human design as the main guiding ideology, and advocate the organic combination of modern civilization and dressing perception. Tissot watches closely follow the design concept of international fashion trends, stylish and glamorous spatial differences.

3. Is the Tissot watch a great brand?

How about Tissot, I want to buy a watch recently, I am promoted, but I can't be extravagant. If it is higher than the leader, it is not good. How about Tissot? I have recently compared to the Citizen and Tissot watches.

Of course, the brand is divided into grades. As for the quality problem, as long as it is genuine, the quality is guaranteed. It will not be bad if it is not worn for a long time. Like the Tudor, the value of the value can be preserved. In fact, the plum is also very good. It is a Swiss watch brand, Tissot is the lowest, but also more professional than any other Japanese brand.

4. The three identification methods of Tissot watches are true and false, easy to distinguish between true and false Tissot watches!

The warranty card can be used as a spot source channel, which in turn can help verify the authenticity of the watch. Each brand's warranty card is basically a small change in 2-3 years, and the law can be used to identify the true and false.
     Tissot's warranty card is divided into two types, one is Chinese/English, and the other is English/Swiss. Among them, the early Chinese/English is blank, followed by a small blue chapter. In the past, it was a double-chamber double cover (that is, the small blue chapter was covered by a counter), and later changed into a small blue chapter directly printed on the warranty card.

5. How much is the Tissot?- price of Tissot watches

Tissot watches are the  famous Swiss fashion brand. The price range spans from $300 to $2,000.

6. Two Tissot watches recommended

Junchi 200 series chronograph and Junchi 200 series three-pointer quartz

This collection is suitable for all types of people, whether it is a sports customer or a consumer who pursues an elegant style. Customers will be able to find a watch that perfectly matches your style in the Tissot Junchi 200 series. After the great success of the PRS200 sports watch, Tissot decided to further introduce the Junchi 200 sports watch; it also has 20 bar (200 m / 660 ft) waterproof performance, but the appearance is more classic. This watch reduces the bezel design, making the dial look bigger and the readings clearer. Both the scale and the tip of the pointer are coated with an environmentally friendly luminous coating, which greatly facilitates reading.

7. How to adjust the date of Tissot watches

Adjusting the calendar: Pull the crown out to the first gear and turn the crown clockwise (if there is no day of the week, counterclockwise) to adjust the calendar.

Adjustment of the week calendar : Pull the crown out to the first gear, turn the crown counterclockwise to adjust the day, turn clockwise to adjust the calendar

8. Tissot watch maintenance method

Unlike many mechanical devices, your watch works continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To ensure high precision, the components of the movement need to be oiled and thoroughly cleaned.

The quality of the oil will decrease over time, resulting in slight friction and deposits of impurities, which may affect the accuracy of the watch. For this reason, Tissot recommends that you maintain your watch every 4 to 5 years to clean and replace oil and worn parts.