The original logo of the Tudor used a red and white rose pattern of the Tudor dynasty family symbolizing strength and reputation. Later, the logo became a shield with a rose, and then evolved into what it is now, that is, only a shield. For a long time, the top-notch fashion and durable Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship has created the tradition of Tudor watches, making it a model of contemporary active lifestyle.

1. Where is the Tudor watch produced? Which country brand is the Tudor watch?

Tudor, meaning the British Tudor dynasty (1485-1603), one of the most brilliant times in British history.The name of each series of Tudor is related to the royal family. The prince series, the princess series, the king series and the latest launch time. The series constitutes a thriving “emperor family.” It can be seen that the style of the watch of the camel is following the pace of Rolex, showing the style of grace and elegance.

2. How about Tudor watch? Is the quality of Tudor watches good?

For a long time, the top-notch fashion and durable Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship has created the tradition of the Emperor, making it a model of a contemporary active lifestyle. Each Tudor watch is accompanied by an original warranty certificate, which contains detailed information about the watch, the date of sale and a valid trade name seal. In order to consolidate its reputation in the international market, the company has established a large global distribution network in cooperation with high-end jewelers all over the world.

3. Is the Tudor watch a big brand?

Tudor belongs to the First-class second-type watch, which belongs to the Rolex Group and is the lower table of Rolex. The Rolex logo is the crown, which symbolizes the royal family, while the shield of the Tudor symbolizes the nobility and the knight. The overall style is relatively mature and stable. The grade belongs to a level with Omega. Among the listed brands, there are more than 10 brands such as Panerai, Omega, TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Amy, and Tudor. The leader of this level is Zenith. Compared with the well-known Omega, it belongs to a grade, but the positioning is lower than Omega. The average price of Omega is higher than that of Tudor. And the individual does not appreciate the Omega from the Swatch Group. This level of table, personal appreciation of TAG Heuer, Tudor, Baume, Panerai, Zhenli time, but the landlord needs to be based on the budget, TAG Heuer, Tudor, celebrity prices are not much different, Panerai, Zhenli time than the top three It is expensive. It can be said that Tudor is a popular watch with a relatively high cost performance. But the real feeling that he gives people is that the high is not low, the grade is not high or low.

4. How to tell a Tudor watch from a fake


Tudor watch identification method: appearance

The logo and brand writing on the dial and back cover of the genuine watch are clear and complete; the number of drills on the dial matches the actual number of drills in the movement; the material indicated on the back cover matches the material used in the case; the watch glass is clear and clear.

Tudor watch identification method: back cover

Tudor TUDOR never made the back cover. If the watch is found to be equipped with glass on the back cover, it must be fake. In addition, the movement of the Tudor TUDOR watch is not gold-plated, on its silver core plate. It is covered with a "pearl" shape that is beautifully ground and textured.

5. How much is the price of Tudor watches?

It belongs to the Rolex Group! The Rolex Group has two brands! The first is Rolex! The self-produced movement is used, and the second is Tudor! Most of them use the 2824 and 2836 movements of ETA that have been polished by themselves! Rolex! Basically starting from $1700 .

6. Two Tudor watches recommended

Tudor-Junyu Series 56003-68063 (Champagne) Mechanical Men's Watch

Different from the traditional Swiss watchmaking, this 18K gold watch gives British fashion exquisiteness, mainly reflected in the round double bezel, no extra case highlights, and a delicate dial. On the champagne sunburst dial, the time is displayed in a simple to the extreme bar scale and the big three-pin. The 12-point position is displayed in English in full. The three-point position also has a very useful calendar function. It is modern in appearance and function.

Tudor-Classic 38mm Series 21013-62583 Mechanical Men's Watch

The sun-patterned bezel is an iconic element of the Tudor Classic series, which plays a decorative role in the watch. Close to the dial, the texture of the lake sparkling is impressive. The same dial is used with a diamond-encrusted hour mark, which is updated with luxury. At 3 o'clock, a calendar window is designed with a stick-shaped pointer. The overall reading is very prominent. Overall, the design of the watch is classic with a touch of precious metal and diamond inlay, and the price/performance ratio is recommended.

7. How to set the date and time of Tudor watches

The calendar device of the watch only jumps once within 24 hours a day. However, the hour hand of the watch is rotated two times. In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12 noon. The correction is also very simple. You only need to move the clockwise hand clockwise one turn. In the second case, there are two ways to correct it. Usually, the watch with calendar (including the calendar) function has 3 files in the table. When the watch is pushed in completely, it is also called "normal." The gear position", this time the rotating watch can only be used to wind the watch; when the watch is completely pulled out, the watch can be turned in the forward or reverse direction, in the "normal gear" and the fully pulled pin position There is also a gear, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar. You need to slowly and carefully place the crown in this position and rotate the crown to correct the calendar. Old-fashioned watches generally do not have this quick-tuning function, so they can only be corrected by clockwise dialing. There is also a lazy way, that is, when the calendar is dialed, the counter is turned counterclockwise back to the 7 o'clock position, and then dialed clockwise to the 12 o'clock calendar position, so that the trouble of continuously clockwise dialing is eliminated.

8. Tudor watch maintenance method


Tudor mechanical watches cleaning and maintenance certainly require a certain fee, for the high-end brand watches such as Tudor maintenance costs are even higher. According to the quality of the Tudor watch, the cleaning and washing fees are also different. According to the regulations of the watch industry association, in addition to the demolition and washing fees, the watches of tens of thousands of yuan must be charged an inspection fee of one thousandth according to the price of the watch.