Natural, elegant, subtle, noble, this is the British fashion style, which is often referred to as the British style. The British watch brand also has this style, which is very different from the Swiss watch style. The following watch family introduces five British watch brands. If you like British watches, let's take a look.


Top five British watch brand-Burberry

       With a history of 156 years, Burberry is a famous brand with a strong British culture. It has long been synonymous with luxury, quality, innovation and timeless classics. Its windbreaker is known worldwide as a brand identity. Under the creative philosophy of Burberry's chief creative director, Christopher Bailey, the brand continues to evolve with the times, with a sense of modernity and advocating true expression, while inheriting the original value. The concept and the brand tradition that was founded in 1856.

       Burberry watches are stylishly designed with high brand value and precise travel time. As an extension of its brand, Burberry watches do not have their own watchmaking technology, and rarely use precious materials, and the collection value is low. As a fashion watch, Burberry watches are absolutely beautiful, very fashionable, and most importantly, the price is not bad.

Top five British watch brand-IsaBain

       IsaBain can't be said to be the first British watch to be marketed internationally, but it can definitely be said to be a pioneer. There are not many British universities in the world, most of them are Swiss. But founder Camos has to say that the British royal watch is facing the world is a miracle.

       IsaBain is widely loved by successful people in a solemn and noble style. In the international market, the price of an ordinary IsaBain watch ranges from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, although the price It is not cheap, but people still think that it is worth the money. This is not only because of the excellent quality of IsaBain, but also a symbol of nobleness and identity. It is mentioned that IsaBain naturally thinks of the noble bloodlines of the royal family.

Top five British watch brand-Graham

       Founded in 1673 by British watchmaker George Graham, Graham London is arguably the most famous watch brand of the 18th century. Although the brand disappeared into the market after 1751, it was re-introduced to the market in 1995 with the expectations of future generations.

       In addition to the blueprint of George Graham's work, the Graham brand watch also inherits the spirit of innovation in its functional design, and each model is amazing. The Greenham series models feature chronographs such as the Chronofighter series, the Silverstone Silverstone series, the Foudroyante 1/8-second lightning recovery chronograph stopwatch, and the Aeroflyback flyback distance meter stopwatch.

Top five British watch brand-Accurist

    Accurist is another watch brand that has moved to Switzerland and returned to the UK after Japan. The price is more expensive than sekonda. It is not as good as the current style that rotary currently sees. Because he is younger, the main target market is the young market, so the comparison of the table is felt. Clean and neat, not as classic as the revolution, successful advertising is that he is a supplier of timing equipment for the Greenwich Observatory.

       Accurist is a typical British watch brand, an "eternal British classic", founded in 1947 by Asher and Rebecca Loftus. At the time, they believed that the British watch market needed to be diversified, so it decided to design and manufacture high-quality watches, and using Swiss components, the products produced were excellent in performance and competitive in the market. In the 1960s, the brand's most popular TV show in the UK made it one of the most famous brands in the UK, and the Accurist watch became synonymous with vibrant fashion at the time.

Top five British watch brand-ARNOLD&SON

       Born in the UK, John Arnold (1736-1799) is one of the most outstanding master watchmakers in the history of timepieces. He is not a pioneer in the production of precision nautical clocks. His invention patents for the improvement of movement structure are contemporary. The development of the watchmaking industry has played a pivotal role, and its achievements are comparable to the contemporary Abraham Louis Breguet. ARNOLD&SON, founded by his son Roger Arnold, has always had a high reputation in the watchmaking world. Until today, he has followed the traditional example of innovation.

       ARNOLD&SON is the first master watchmaker in the history of watches and clocks to produce longitude and easy to carry marine navigation instruments. ARNOLD&SON has set a milestone in the field of watchmaking in the precise positioning of marine clocks at sea. ARNOLD&SON brand watches belong to The British Masters and are known for their highly complex calculations in astronomy, calendar and maritime surveys.