The German watch has a similar history and craftsmanship compared to the Swiss watch. The price of individual grade watches is lower than that of Swiss watches. The German watch is also very popular in China, and people are very familiar with the retro style of the Sino-German watch. But some friends who are not familiar with German watches will ask what is the watch of the German watch brand Z? Let's let the watch home tell you to buy it!

In fact, the brand of Z in the German watch brand refers to the ZEPPELIN watch! The ZEPPELIN watch brand comes from POINTtec in Munich, Germany, and the design is inspired by the German ship Ferdinand Graf von ZEPPELIN invented the ship and its shape, and Combine the function of the watch with the watchmaking process, with classical aesthetics or fashionable elements to create a distinctive German watch.

The main parts of the ZEPPELIN watch are made in Europe or Germany. All the watches will officially print "MADE IN GERMANY" on the panel or on the back of the watch, so whether it is a mechanical movement or a Swiss quartz movement, the strict quality is passed. Tube control, ZEPPELIN is a watch assembly in POINTtec's own studio and is one of the few watch brands still made in Germany.