What are the 3 Watches Every Man Must Own or know? and what are the categories of men's watches? You can not buy a watch, but you cannot understand a watch.

First of all, among watch lovers, the most common saying is that each of us actually only needs three watches to deal with various occasions. The three watches are: tool watch, dress watch, weekend watch.

The tool watch is the safe choice without worrying about how bad the usage scene is. No matter it is wind or rain, it can complete the function of indicating time well. Among them, in fact, Megalith's consistent series of watches are the most representative products. Using ultra-durable steel material, sapphire glass is scratch-resistant, 100 meters waterproof, completely not afraid of water invasion.

3 Watches Every Man Must Own or know

Megalith 8398M for tool watch

The dress watch, as the name suggests, is to match the dress to attend some business and official occasions. Such as premium edition talks, weddings, cocktail parties, film festivals and more.

The design of the watch is generally simple, classic, and the pursuit of lightness and thinness, so the functions of wear resistance, scratch resistance, water resistance and dust resistance are basically unnecessary. In addition, formal watches use more precious metals and gemstones, and the overall price will be relatively high.

3 Watches Every Man Must Own or know

  megalith 8391M for dress watch

Finally, the weekend watch is positioned between the two above. In the past, it did not pay much attention to functionality, and would pursue quality and appearance; but it would not be so formal. It could be individual or sports street style, which is more suitable for leisure time, going shopping, collecting wind or going out to eat. when wearing.

3 Watches Every Man Must Own or know

Megalith 8274m for weekend watch


Overall, this "three-watches" theory does have some truth. The three watches with different styles and distinct positioning are indeed interesting to switch back and forth. Therefore, if the budget allows, and you happen to have your favorite watches in their respective categories, it is a very safe choice to start buying these three watches.