Watches are built to last; at least, that is how it should be. In the western world since the time of the industrial revolution, wearing a watch became something of a necessity. In order to get in time to work, someone would need to, well, be able to tell what time it is during the day.

Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that a wristwatch became a necessary thing for most working people. It certainly also became unavoidable that some people, the more sentimental people anyway, would feel something of an attachment to their favorite watch.

As some western stories and Christmas special often depicts: it's common for an elder, say, a grandfather, to give his grandson his precious watch when he comes of age. This grandfather might have had a long story with the watch himself.

It might have been its trusty tool to get to work right on time. It might have itself been an heirloom of his own father or even grandfather who passed it on to them. It might have been by their side during difficult times such as financial struggles or even a war.

And now, when they no longer had any use or need for it, they feel like somebody else, somebody younger, might need it now. Thus, they pass it along to the next generation of their family for them to carry on. Quite the endearing moment, at least, if we are talking not about cheap watches but expensive ones. Because the former is built to last and the latter are… not? Right? Wrong!

Well, maybe back in the day, they might have been. Today, so-called cheap watches like Megalith's watches are not synonymous with bad quality at all, quite the contrary. Let have a look at just why that is.

What Makes Cheap Watches Cheap?

Buyer beware because it depends! Depends of the quality of the watch, of course, which follows that the quality of the watch depends then on the reputation of the manufacturer.

Using the cheapest materials? There's a chance that it breaks. Putting shoddy craftsmanship into it? It's very likely that it would break. Both using the cheapest materials and poor craftmanship at work? Ah, yes, it might not last that long. That and using the costliest labor would also mean that it's likely to break without it even being that cheap, to begin with.

Allow me to explain. In what it's a gross reduction of the theory of value, we can conclude something like this:

It takes time and effort to produce something. Thus, we can start to measure the value of something produced based on how much time and effort it took to produce it.

That its basically it, yet, there are things that might take a lot of time and effort to produce, but that, for various reasons, will not price highly. Think of a writer that took many years to write a novel but did take so because they were not particularly good at it, and it shows in the final product.

No one would want to read it and, thus, it would not sell well. It might even fast end up on the discount shelf of the library. Well, writing is a kind of craft, and so it's watchmaking.

Making A Watch Yesterday and Today

If a watchmaker puts painstaking detail and quality into the watch that they are making, it would certainly end up being 'not cheap.' But not necessarily so. See, the formulation of that theory of value happened when people still worked in guilds. A watchmaker took apprentices that they would only allow practicing once they deemed ready. Thus, there were only so many watchmakers around, for they only had so much time to properly train so many students.

With industrial society, something else happens. The knowledge, the know-how on watchmaking it's already publicly available for the most part. Most manufacturers keep a couple of secrets for their own products, but that is it; the cat is out of the bag.

Thus, a lot of employees at a watch factory will receive the knowledge the watchmakers of times past could only impart into so many apprentices. Thus, this cheapens the value of the act of watchmaking because now so many people now know how to make a watch.

Compounded with the fact that we now have industrial machinery available to produce the watch parts more quickly, makes the process even faster.

Cheap Labor Equals Cheap Watches, Yet, Cheap Labor Does Not Necessarily Equal Low Quality

However, the one fact that makes durable cheap watches possible comes down to the possibility of providing cheaper labor. One flaw of developed countries has to do with the rising cost of living, which salaries might have a hard time keeping up with.

Thus, the time people put into working for a living has to also have a baseline value that will allow them to afford that cost of living.

Developing countries like China, on the other hand, do have an advantage there. The amazing expansion of Chinese manufacturing coupled with a large population but still an overall lower cost of living than Europe and the US means that it can still offer cheap labor manufacturing without the final product necessarily experiencing a dip in quality.

Thus, why Megalith watches is able to provide high-quality designed watches that are affordable, meaning cheap watches that last.

Megalith Watches, Cheap Watches That Last

So, we told you a lot about how megalith watches its able to provide you with one cheap watch or many. These, we assure you, will last. But just how confident are we you in saying that to me? Well, we put our reputation right behind our words to back them up.

With the purchase of any Megalith watch from us, you will get a full warranty on each watch purchased for up to an entire year. If for any reason, something unfortunate happens to your watch, we are here to provide you with a new one. This way, you can continue to showcase your style as long as it falls within the warranty's terms.

Dropped it? We'll replace it. Spilled coffee on it? Send it to us. Jumped into the deep end of the pool with the non-waterproofed one? It happens. We got you. However, as long as the watch stays away from rough play, it's likely to keep working for a long time.

Thus, with a little bit of care, Megalith's watches are watches that you could even pass down to the next generation of your family.

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