A watch complication is any function that exists in addition to telling time (displaying hours, minutes and seconds) on a timepiece. These watch complications enable special functions that are performed and displayed on the watch to enhance or simplify your life.

The more complications that exist in a watch make it more difficult to design and create because a number of additional elements must be built into the standard movement. Several complications are available in timepieces today, from simple date displays to complex functions such as a tourbillon or repeater. These watches are highly sought after because of an appreciation for the genius innovation in design, as well as the complexity, precision and skill required to create such a timepiece.

Recent advances in technology have spawned watches with GPS capabilities and that can sync with your Bluetooth phone, but when you remove the back of the case, you aren’t amazed by its battery or computer chip. This is the difference with complicated timepieces. When you view the movement of a complicated watch through its case-back, you’ll see technical innovation and precise engineering. The combination of several hundred tiny gears, jewels and springs enables the timepiece to complete incredible functions; functions that are assembled by hand and not completed by a computer chip.