Which Japanese movement watches are better

Among the movements used in watches, the Swiss movement is the best, followed by the Japanese movement. Then which watches use Japanese movements? and which brand Japanese movement watches are good? (Know more about the watches movement:THE TYPES OF WATCHES MOVEMENT)

watches Japanese movement

Take Seiko as an example. Seiko watch movements have always been the vanguard of the Swiss watch industry, but Seiko has almost nothing except those unrepeatable histories. Regardless of industrial design or marketing, Seiko adheres to the fine traditions of Japanese companies, and its product line from low to high span is beyond the reach of many Swiss or German watchmaking companies. You know, just like Lexus first introduced mass-produced hybrid luxury cars, Seiko is also the first watch factory to mass-produce mechanical and electronic hybrid self-produced movements, but this one can show the strength of the development of Seiko watch movements. . And it is interesting that the traditional watch industry has not realized the horror of such a new force. The estimated maximum transaction price of this piece of Guido chronograph on the auction floor is only 30,000 Hong Kong dollars, but its actual transaction price has reached As much as 87,000-nearly three times the highest estimated price.
watches Japanese movement
Miura Yuichiro said, "The Everest is the edge of the universe I can reach." In order to interact with the space closest to the universe, the developed models, regardless of the internal structure or the Seiko watch movement, must endure the extreme and harsh environment on the Everest. Therefore, the GMT 5R66 SPRING DRIVE patented by SEIKO is specially adopted. The movement, the SPRING DRIVE and the mechanical watch are also driven by springs, while the speed control device that controls the hands uses a quartz oscillator and IC. Compared with the "escapement system" of the mechanical movement, the quartz oscillator is used to control the speed. It has the characteristics of anti-shock, and it will not lose its accuracy due to the hardening of the lubricating oil in the low temperature environment. The Seiko watch movement does not require the use of batteries. Even if the temperature undergoes a drastic change in temperature on the way to the summit of Everest, there will be no damage to the battery or it will stop running without warning. It is most suitable for use in severe environments Watch movement.

    In addition, the original Japanese double lion movement is also very good. Double Lion is a very early brand in Japan and has a long history. The logo is very distinctive. The two lions are impressive. This movement is a movement with a long history in Japan, with accurate travel time, small error and strong power.