Watches are more than a kind of jewelry!

      The watch usually would be regarded as a kind of jewelry or just for a time,  but its role has surpassed the superficial meaning of the jewelry nowadays. Watches are a sign of culture. People wearing a wristwatch feel more cultural. Why is the watch so significant? Time is the most precious thing, other cultural subjects are formed under the accumulation of time and witness. So, as a symbol of time, the watch is significant. 

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Knowing how to appreciate the beauty of this small accessory, the willingness to study and understand the watch, in fact, represents a kind of unrewarded investment in time and craft. This has many similarities with culture. In pursuit of fame and fortune, the pursuit is all in the heart, a natural consumer lifestyle, an artistic and cultural symbol, and artistic experience. This is culture.

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The watch is a miniature mechanical device with a subtle sense of agility. Top watches are often referred to as works of art. The complexity and exquisiteness of the watch process can often reflect people's aesthetic ability, and the watch pays attention to the classical and heavy feeling which can bring a more in-depth temperament to a person. In addition, the designers and brands of watches tend to pour into certain spirits and pursuits in the beloved watches. Therefore, the person wearing the watch usually gives an impression of rich connotation and cultural knowledge. And a man may have more than one watch. Different life stages, different social occasions, a just right, temperament-oriented watch is essential.

Watch is a combination of history and culture. Since the development of the watch culture, it has not only been limited to consumer watches brand, but the secondary consumption of watches has also arisen. The content of this secondary consumption is the maintenance and repair of watches. Nowadays, watches are becoming more and more expensive, and maintenance is also a key issue. For those who wear watches, it is also very important to know something about how to maintain and repair the watch. The next blog will talk about how to maintain quartz watch & Mechanical watch, extend the life of the watches, prevent the watch from stopping & slowing down, etc.