The 44mm dial apple watch Review, the Nike+ version is a good price.

Integrated Apple Watch's appearance, button, features ,hardware,Four aspects, Apple Watch Series 4 recommended.

apple watch review

apple watch appearance

The most notable change in the Apple Watch Series 4 is the appearance. In the past, the 38mm and 42mm dials were upgraded to 40mm and 44mm. The dial has increased, but the screen has a new rounded design that increases the "screen ratio". The watch did not increase too much, but the display area increased by more than 30%. The Apple Watch Series 4 with stainless steel case adds a new gold version.

apple watch button

The digital crown and contact buttons on the side are no longer physical buttons, but virtual buttons with the Taptic entity's shock, but the digital crown can still be rotated. The MIC on the left moves to the right side of the case, and the speakers are redesigned to enhance call quality. The back of the watch is upgraded to full ceramic and sapphire glass to enhance the watch's cellular network.

apple watch features

The watch supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring. When it detects that the wearer has abnormal heart rate, the watch will enter the SOS emergency service, immediately call the emergency contact and send an alert message to the number. With the support of gyroscopes and accelerometers, the watch is able to sense if the wearer has fallen, and when a drop is detected, the SOS emergency service will also be activated.

apple watch hardware

In terms of hardware, the performance of the S4 processor is more than doubled compared with the previous generation. The wireless chip is upgraded from W2 to W3, and the Bluetooth version is upgraded to 5.0. The full model has been upgraded to 16GB of storage capacity, and the heart rate sensor has been greatly upgraded, and an electrode heart rate sensor has been added.