A watch, other than notifying the time, defines your sense of personality. More than other accessories, watches are windows to both men and women style. Due to many brands out there, careful selection helps a lot. To have a detailed insight, continue reading to know what a watch says about you.

Watches And Your Personality

It will be awful if you wear a watch that you don’t know the personality it showcases. This article explains everything about watches, lifestyle, and personality. Depending on what you prefer, your personality will suit that particular brand, which communicates who you are, and what you love most.

Selecting a Watch for your Personality

Your watch is not just an accessory, but a pointer of your personality. It is a precious addition to your style, and that is why you must be careful when weighing options on what suits you best. You weigh the options based on several factors among them being your taste, quality, cost, and lifestyle. With multiple watches manufactured with customer preference in mind, selecting a watch for your personality is no longer a hassle.

Whether you need sports, trendy, or a vintage timepiece, your watch is a true companion, and what you settle on defines your personality.

10 Ways on What a Watch says about you

People make impressions towards you depending on what you wear and accessories that accompany you, and this includes your timepiece.  A lot has been said about the choice people make, which you might not be conversant with. The paragraphs below explain the 10 ways on what a watch says about you. Read on to comprehend the topic better.


Success and Wealth

Not everyone will buy an expensive watch. That is why a watch can tell whether you are wealthy or just ordinary. What you purchase depends on your budget and your preference. Acquiring a very expensive watch is a common behavior among the wealthy and celebrities.

A watch will define your status. A successful person will invest a lot in a watch because they have all the money to make a purchase. Most people work on a limited budget, and they will not invest excessively to show how wealthy they are among the peers.



Watches And Your Personality

Some few watches are common only among the elites and powerful men. If you’ve been curious enough, you must have noticed that virtue. The classic nature, design, and advancements of a watch make it suit the category of powerful men. Some are sold at high-end stores while others are only available during the watch auctions.

The ultra-powerful watches defines the wealth and business position of a person. Due to high prices of watches won by powerful people, it is clear that they are successful beyond a common man. Their position is all that many people wish to reach in the future.


Trendy and Stylish

Wearing a watch is stylish. However, some people who will acquire a watch even before everyone gets to see it. They love the new version everyone is talking about. Are you in that category? Then people see you as stylish and trendy. Trendy styles show that you are up to date, and you like fine things.

Although some people are vintage enthusiasts, new styles are on the rise each day. With numerous watches being manufactured, we can say that new and trendy watches are always on the rise. Have a look at the Megalith Collection to learn more on trendy watches for both men and women.



Watches And Your Personality

Are you a person who loves outdoor activities like skydiving, marathon, or hiking? Wearing a watch in an adventurous category will show a real reflection of who you are. A watch is considered to fall in this category due to its association with bold and adventurous people.  

Watches that blend adventure and luxury gives an awesome feeling. Owning a Megalith watch is more than your lifestyle. It evidences your active life and aggressiveness to anything that you set your mind to accomplish. It also shows you’re not afraid of anything you get into, and you are only prepared for a win.


Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Some watches will show people how you value your fitness journey, without having to explain to them the nature of watch you’re wearing. Having a fitness smartwatch shows you value what you do. Smartwatches help monitor the various parameters in your body. Suited with the appropriate sensors, they monitor the pace, heartbeat, calories burnt and the distance.

Having such a watch gives you morale for what you do, and ensures that everything is in a professional approach. It also shows other people how passionate you are. You don’t have to be a professional trainer to own such a watch.


Tech lover

Technology advancements are evident everywhere, especially with today's generation. Watches are not an exception, and this is evident in several brands. People who are mindful about the future and will appreciate the tech advancements will not choose a watch that is not technology-oriented.

People view you as aggressive, modern, and a tech lover when you have an advanced and luxury watch. Everybody can distinguish between a vintage and a modern watch, and if given a chance to choose what they want, they will go the modern way.



Watches And Your Personality

Are you that person who wants a simple watch with little additions? Being a minimalist comes with appreciating the value of your watch. Minimalists believe in a simple lifestyle that is not a burden to them. Other than having a huge watch with a big case, straps, and face, they prefer a very simple yet classy watch.

It shows you value fewer things, people and additions around you. Well, some people will argue that minimalism is all about mindset. It’s because once you adjust your mind accordingly and accept what you have, you live a stressful life. Megalith 0072 is a minimalist you require.


Vintage Enthusiast

If your watch has a vintage style, small case, some genuine leather, and some gold and silver, people view you in a modest and reserved way. The traditional looks show that you value the past watches and you appreciate the efforts of those who made past watches.

Majority of people have modified their vintage watches to fit today’s style. A little addition of styles will make it better, but it is not a must. When you do that, it means you do not stick to the ancient rules, and you appreciate the current watch trends and the traditional versions.



Not everyone will like a watch with colors that stand out, not unless it is pure precious metal like gold and silver. However, some people will do all that they can to acquire that watch with mixed colors that have a high refractive index. A bright color pop shows you are colorful and not afraid to stand out among people.

To show your colorful nature, use bright and not very shiny colors, and with a sense of fashion. It gets the attention of people without having to disturb them with reflecting lights. They see you as a confident person who believes in what you do.



Watches And Your Personality

Being gentle is a virtue that everyone appreciates. Gentleness comes with the size of your watch of choice. A small watch shows you are gentle and considerate. Although small watches are regarded as the ladies choice, men are also adapting the trends.

People who value privacy are associated with small watches. It is because they do not want attention from people. A big watch will create unnecessary attention, and it is not worth it if you are not a person who wants to be recognized by everyone in your group.



Now that you know what a watch depicts about you, we can conclude that a watch is a statement item, and it will tell others more about you. It is hard to hide your style and personality. That is why you choose a particular brand and model and not what people claim is the best for you.

Anytime when selecting a timepiece, do not forget the above things. You need to stay true to yourself and be proud to show the world who you are, and what you value most.

Which taste suits you best? Do you have multiple timepieces for varying occasions? Have a look at our collections to get the best offer today.