There is too much subjectivity when it comes to what makes a watch suitable. There are too many factors that give value to a watch. However, in the age of smartphones, watches come in as handy objects that everyone should own. You probably have your checklist in what makes your ideal watch. From a generalist perspective, it makes sense to consider the materials of the watch as well as the watch's actual finishing.

But the first ,we should know what kinds of watches we can choose and their features before buying the perfect watch.


Interestingly, a majority of people buy their watches in the same manner in which teenagers buy their first car; based on aesthetic appeals. These people consider insignificant brand qualities like color and personal brand representation. Even the people that buy high luxury brands like Rolex buy them because they are established brands. They usually purchase those watches because they think they are the fashion of the day or they are on-trend. However, the perfect way for you to buy a watch is to consider its movements, materials, and even craftsmanship.

Usually, watches have movements that make them tick. There are three types of watch movements; quartz, mechanical, and automatic.

Difference between Mechanical, Automatic, and Quartz watch movements:

  • Quartz movement watches came into being back in the year 1959. These watches are battery-powered. They are cheap and easy to mass-produce. Most Quartz watches require you to swap the battery after every two years. One thing about quartz watches is that they are entirely accurate. You will find these watches to be quite accurate compared to automatic and mechanical movement watches. One thing about quartz movement watches is that they are quite affordable.

What you need to Know Before Buying the Perfect Watch

  • Mechanical movement watches use an impressive powering system. Mechanical movement watches are hand-wound watches that employ thousands of tiny mechanical watches to keep the watch running. You are likely to spend more money on a mechanical movement watch. The significant advantage as to why you should keep a mechanical watch is that they usually last for a significantly long period. In essence, mechanical movement watches serve as perfect heirloom pieces as you can give them away from one generation to another. You will find mechanical movement watches to be worth repairing as compared to their quartz movement watches.

What you need to Know Before Buying the Perfect Watch

  • Automatic movement watches are the crème de la crème of watches. Unlike a quartz and mechanical movement watches, automatic movement watches will keep ticking even if you don't manually rewind them. The motion of your arm is what keeps the watch wound.  In terms of accuracy, you can never compare an automatic watch to a quartz movement watch or even a mechanical movement watch.

Secondly, how to choose when buying a watch.

The rule of the thumb is to be thorough when you are buying a watch, especially if you are spending more than a hundred bucks. The following is a checklist of items that a watch must have for it to serve you well.

  • Always buy a watch with a round glass design. The reason as to why this is so is because, with a circular glass design, your watch is watertight. Round glass watches are cheaper to fix. Square glass watch designs are quite expensive to fix simply because of their peculiar shape.
  • Make sure that the watch you are buying has an all-stainless steel case. Most people ignore these designs because they think they are not classic enough. However, there are classic brands out there with a stainless steel case. Most watches use a casing that is a replica of expensive watch brands like Rolex.
  • Make sure that the watch you are buying has a replaceable strap. For most watches, you can never ignore the need to replace the strap. If you take part in any sport, you should opt for leather straps as they are flexible enough.
  • Opt for a Swiss movement watch. The reason for this recommendation is that Swiss movement watches last longer. Usually, the price range of Swiss movement watches goes for anything between $500-$1000 dollars. However, many brand ideas are offering Swiss movement watches at a fair price.
  • If you want a gold watch, you should settle for a partially-gold filled watch. Minimalism is critical in many brands' straps because the amount of gold that manufacturers use in making these watches is significantly lower (about 10 microns). Therefore, it is only advisable for you to go for a watch that is partially filled with gold. The reason as to why you should opt for the latter is because if only 10 microns of gold are used in a strap, they usually fade off within the first six months. In the past, watch manufacturers used to make watches whose straps contained about 20 microns, but it is not the case anymore.

In conclusion, watches are convenient objects in your daily lives. Understanding on how to choose your perfect watch is vital in meeting your passion for watches.