Minimalist watches are gradually taking the center stage in the watch world, with more people embracing the minimalist lifestyle. In case you’re not familiar with what minimalism is or if you think it’s just simplicity. No, There’s more to it. Here’s a little more clarity to the idea behind the minimalist movement.

Minimalism at its core is the intentional focus on what is necessary, stripping away what is not serving a necessary purpose. Bringing to life the mantra “less is more”. It is a lifestyle that encourages intentionality.

In terms of design, the minimalism principle is about uncovering the elements or lines essential to a particular thing. Definitive lines and elements that create a clear and representation of ideas.

There are numerous examples of minimalist inclined designs in our everyday life that go unnoticed due to familiarity, such as, street signs, the symbols on your keyboards, etc. they are designed enough to convey a piece of information effectively without any additions.

The Minimalist Watch Guide

In essence, minimalism is the art of conveying a message effectively.


 There is a common attribution of simplicity to minimalism. Though simplicity can arguably be the result of stripping a design down to its core elements. However, this does not accurately represent the efforts behind minimalism.

When a thing is qualified as been simple, it suggests that it is uncomplicated and without much depth. A typical minimalist design is not a thing of chance, it requires careful study of what you seek to design. This is because to strip down design to its essential elements while still been able to pass the relevant message, without losing it in the process is no small feat. Though the outcome may seem simple to the viewer.

The Minimalist Watch Guide


In recent times, minimalist watches have gained popularity and it seems to be here for the long haul. Most watch brands today, even the luxurious ones, have a minimalist watch collection. Meaning they recognize the market demand for it.

You should consider having a minimalist watch if it reflects, your sense of style and personality. Minimalist timepieces give an impression of the wearer having a refined sense of aesthetics and sophistication.

Also, another good reason to invest in a minimalist watch is that it is an investment that would increase in worth over time. Simply put minimalist pieces are timeless. This is due to their classic designs that stand the test of time even after decades. This one of the reasons why all brands of watchmakers include minimalist watches in their lines.


The interesting fact about minimalist timepieces is that it can be worn to just about anywhere. Reason being that these timepieces have both a sophisticated and casual outlook, that blends in with any occasion. However, there are guidelines available to guide you on how to match a minimalist watch.

For formal settings, maybe a black-tie event, one is advised to match a minimalist watch with a white face and basic leather strap. Sticking to the monochromatic theme of the event. For a semi-formal event or the office, consider a metal minimalist piece. For casual outings, a brown leather band works best. For a sport or active outing, a sporty minimalist watch with a canvas strap is a perfect combination.

However, as a minimalist fan, you can always compliment your style with a bit of color. As you can’t go every day in monochrome colors. You can experiment with more neutral palettes like khaki, brown, beige, among others.



At Megalith we recognize the need to embrace different styles of watches to suit the different lifestyles of our customers, so no one feels left out. Here some of the minimalist timepieces in line.

The Minimalist Watch Guide

The Minimalist Watch Guide