Why do most watches have only 12 scales but not 24? Most of us may think that 24 scales of watches make it easier to distinguish between morning and afternoon. In fact, the dial was reduced to 12 hours, which evolved over a period of 12 hours day and 12 hours nights. Watch of 12 scales  win in these 4 great advantages! 

Firstly, 12-scale watch is more beautiful

Watches are an important tool that many people wear. They not only provide us with time, but also a very beautiful accessory. A 40mm watch dial, placed in 12 time scales feels just right. If it is changed to 24, all the design elements will almost double, the gap will be double reduced, and the overall visual appearance will be dense and crowded, losing the texture of the watch as a stylish object.

Secondly, 12-scale watch is easier to read

The 12 scales will obviously be easier to see than the 24 scales. From the simplification principle of industrial design, the 12-hour system fully considers the human factor, because the day and night of the day is easy to distinguish, and the 12-hour scale has already met people's time requirements.

Especially from the perspective of time habits, the 12-hour system is more intuitive. After all, in the process of changing from "18 o'clock" to "6 o'clock in the afternoon", we have to add a calculation.


Thirdly, 12-scale watch is more sympathetic

Most of us sleep at night and only need to watch time during the day. That is to say, we rarely use it for 12 hours in the night. If the watch has 24 scales, then the use of a considerable part of the scale will be very low. The scale of the night time is equivalent to nothing. It is not too much attention, and it is too lonely.

Fourthly, the 12-hour watch producing process is simpler.

For manufacturers, producing a watch with 24 scales costs more than a watch with 12 scales. Thanks to the improvement of the process, the price of the watch is now more affordable.

So many people have enough money to buy watches, and even buy different watches, to match with their different clothes.

Although the 12 scales of the watch have many advantages, sometimes we still need 24 hours watch.

If the watch is only a 12-hour display watch, there is a situation:

The pointers at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm are exactly the same.

If you work and stay in an environment that you can't tell the day and night , or take an international flight through different time zones, there will be a lot of inconvenience in telling time. At this time, it is necessary to have the display function with 24 o'clock, then it is convenient to distinguish whether the time is 9:00 am or 9:00 pm.

 The standard of modern watch technology has evolved into 12 scales + 24 hours of small dial design.

The intuitive simplicity of a 12-hour watch and the practicality of a 24-hour watch which is the best solution for a variety of occasions.