In recent years, sports watches have become very popular. They often have a hard case, deep waterproof and anti-magnetic features, and they look very solid and durable. But don't forget that the watch is still a product that is easily damaged in nature, especially the mechanical movement, and it doesn't look so strong. This time we talk about what you still need to pay attention to sports watches.

Sports watches are not suitable for all sports

The watch is most afraid of being impacted by external forces. The movement of the case is a precision tool. Many parts are very small, so the vibration or external impact is very easy to damage the movement.
Are Sports Watches More "Sturdy"

The more complex the model of sport watch, the more fragile the internal movement, the more the movement components, the less impact it can withstand. This is why some people think that the tourbillon watch is not very accurate, because it may have been damaged accidentally. Prevent the watch from falling or being hit In your daily life. 

Waterproof sport watches are also afraid of water

For the problem of the waterproof depth of the watch, it is certain that the waterproof level of 30m and 50m does not mean diving to 30m and 50m, but only to achieve daily waterproof. To swim and snorkel with sport watches, at least 100m waterproof depth of the watches. Most sports watches today, especially diving watches, are more than 100m deep, but even so, waterproof watches are not as waterproof as you might think.

If you have seen the test before watches leaving the factory, you will find that the test of the waterproof depth of the watch is actually put the watch into a calm sink, and the sink is still cold water. In real life, the surrounding environment is much more complicated, and water temperature, water quality and other factors are not accurately known. If the water in swimming pool is warm, it is likely to affect the waterproof structure inside the watch, causing the watch to enter the water. Seawater is also very corrosive to watches, especially for precious metal watches.

Are Sports Watches More "Sturdy"?

Antimagnetic of sport watches is not so awful

Everyone knows that there are so many electronic products in our lives, so there are many magnetic fields. However, there is no need to worry too much about the magnetism of the watch, because the watch can only be magnetized if it is in a strong magnetic field. If your working environment is in generators, transformers and large electrical equipment, then the performance requirements for the anti-magnetic function of the watch are higher. It is recommended to buy a watch with high anti-magnetic function.

If you find that the watch is suddenly inaccurate, go fast or slow down, then it is very likely that it is magnetic. The magnetic watch is easy to handle. The after-sales maintenance department of the watch will have professional degaussing equipment, which will be processed very quickly.