Sports watches often use rubber band as a strap, but do you know that the mental mesh strap is also a common sports watch strap?

A good horse with a good saddle, the strap is the "saddle" of the watch. A good strap,is not only comfortable, but also the temperament of the watch. The most common watch strap comes with two types - a metal strap and a leather strap.

These two straps have their own characteristics. If we only look at the service life, the metal strap is obviously more durable and can be used for many years under normal wear.

The mesh strap is also a member of the metal strap family. But not all metal straps can be called mesh belt.

Compared with other metal straps, the biggest feature of the mesh belt can be summarized by the word "fine". This mesh-like bracelet, each metal chain link is extremely small, intertwined with each other, like a sweater, "woven" on the watch. Due to the hole design of the mesh belt, when it is in close contact with the wrist, it has good breathability and you will feel is quite good when wearing it.

Friends who wear metal stainless steel watches generally have a same problem, adjusting the length of the steel belt watch is more troublesome and requires special tools. And if one is not careful, it is easy to miss a few links. But this situation does not appear on the mesh watch because it has been completely redesigned. You just need to pull the little mental of clasp up and down, that you can adjust it easily.

What Kind Of Sports Watch Is Worth Buying
 #easy to adjust the length of strap#

The production process of the mesh belt is complex and precise, and it mostly appears in the luxury  watch brands. But this time, MEGALITH launched two mesh-style watches in one time, and one of them is hollow mechanical watch, the other is Sun phase chronograph watch, which really brought us a lot of surprises.

Each unique watch brand often has its own "best skills".Megalith's special skills are unique in design and appearance. This unique design evolved from the dial, strap and hands into a variety of extraordinary styles.


What Kind Of Sports Watch Is Worth Buying
#MEGALITH 8202 #mesh strap with sophisticated craftsmanship#

 The design of 8202M mesh watch make people feel refreshed. Under the hollow dial, the axle of the movement is revealed. With the golden hands, we can observe the complexity of the design, and this complex change also gives the watch an elegant layering.


What Kind Of Sports Watch Is Worth Buying
#MEGALITH 8025 #mesh strap with Sun phase#
Megalith 8025m mesh watch show time with Sun phase.The delicate daylight pattern is like a bright sunshine, and the golden brilliance is written on the dial. Use three small dials to display the seconds and minutes cycles. The matching stainless steel mesh belt makes the watch more outstanding.


No matter which brand, if you want to develop healthily in the long run, the product itself must be excellent.
In the affordable brand, megalith not only has its own characteristics, but also unique design Today's two models of mesh belt watches is a bright spot, no matter from the value, performance, or even innovation. Pricing is also very fair, within the price range of $100, I believe it will be strong competitiveness.