Do you wear a watch when you run? Or simply use the mobile app or simply follow the feeling? What can sports watches do for us?

Today, let’s talk about those things about sports watches...

Since sports have become a fashion act, sports watches have slowly become the standard products for athletes. Therefore, we can often see all kinds of data that friends have exposed in the Social network. This also embodies the core function of the sports watch: recording various data generated during running or sports, and real-time transmission and sharing of data between the watch and the mobile phone through various sensing elements.

Below, we will list the most important keywords for your sports watch:

There are so many brands and models of sports watches, and the squandering of flowers is fascinating. Our suggestion may be measured from the following aspects:

  • weight
  • Standby time
  • Search star speed and trajectory accuracy
  • waterproof rating

 "weight" of Sports Watch

Of course, the sports watch is as light as possible while ensuring the necessary functions. Among them, the marathon runner's watch is recommended not to exceed 60 grams, and the cross-country runner's watch should not exceed 80 grams. why? Let's do a simple math problem:

"Assume that the whole marathon run needs to run for 6 hours, then we have to swing more than 170 arms per minute. The whole swing is only 6X60X170=61200. When you see this number, do you understand that the number of watches is as light as possible? What is the reason?"

"Standby time" of Sports Watch

The standby time is related to the weight of the watch (battery) and the capacity of the battery. In other words, the lighter your watch, the shorter the standby time, which is the reason why the shorter the standby time of the smarter smartphone. why? Because the battery is too thin and energy is not enough.


If you participate in the competition, the longer the competition, the heavier the watch will be. Considering the deviation between the data value and the actual use value, as well as the battery performance problem, it is recommended to select the watch's standby time, which is more than 1.5 times of the game time.


For example, if you run a 6-hour full horse, then the standby time of the sports watch after turning on the GPS should be more than 9 hours. For a 50-kilometer cross-country run, you should choose a watch that is on standby for more than 12 hours. For a 100-kilometer cross-country run, you should choose a watch that stands by for more than 30 hours. Before participating in all kinds of competitions, be sure to do the standby time test of the watch. Never run over half of the watch without power. It is a pity that you cannot record accurate motion data.

 "Search Star Speed ​​and Accuracy" of Sports Watch

This is more important for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The speed of the star search and the accuracy of the track depends on the number and sensitivity of the antenna, the ability to search several satellites, whether there is a pre-stored ephemeris in the watch, and whether there is a search star acceleration function with the app. For runners running marathon, it is best to complete the search within 10 seconds. For cross-country runners and triathletes, the acceptance of the search time can be relaxed to 30 seconds, but if the star is not found for more than 1 minute, most People will have obvious anxiety.

What is the importance of the trajectory? For example, if you go to the 42.195-kilometer marathon, the result is over, and the watch shows that it ran for 40 kilometers. Friends circle a picture, everyone's message is "retired in the middle of the game?" "Is it a fake marathon?" Then round off the marathon even white run!

"Waterproof rating" of Sports Watch

Regarding the waterproof rating of sports watches, it is undoubtedly a necessary condition for the triathletes. Common waterproof rating labels are ATM and IPX. For example, the daily waterproofing index of the watch for the watch is about 3 ATM or IPX-5, but the iron three meter should reach the level of 10 ATM or IPX-8.

[ATM brief introduction]

3ATM (3BAR/30m): Suitable for daily use, not for long-term swimming; it can resist a small amount of hand washing and splashing water and rain. 5ATM (5BAR/50m): Only suitable for short-distance swimming in the shallows, not for diving or snorkeling. 10ATM (10BAR/100m): Suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

[IPX waterproof level brief introduction]

IPX waterproof is divided into 8 levels, 8 is the highest. IPX-5: Omni-directional and angled waterproof protection with 2-3 minutes of 12.5 liters per second flow rate and 30n/m pressure protection. IPX-6: Large wave waterproof protection, can last for 2-3 minutes to resist the depth of 3 meters underwater, 100 liters / minute flow rate, 100n / m pressure. IPX-7: Soak for 30 minutes under water 1 meter. IPX-8: It is completely waterproof and can be used continuously in water for a long time.


At present, the industry recognizes that the 180 steps per minute is a perfect state. If the height of the vacant is controlled within 10 cm, it will not do too much useless work in overcoming the gravity. The touch time is about 200 milliseconds. In addition to the stride frequency, the specific sports data can not be subjectively perceived. Through the watch, the running posture can be optimized in a targeted manner, or special training can be improved in daily training.


1. Choose a sports watch, first look at weight, durability, ability to recognize the road and whether you will swim.

2, the weight of the watch, of course, the lighter the better. The horse racing watch does not exceed 60 grams, and the cross-country running watch does not exceed 80 grams.

3, the bigger the watch, the heavier the battery, the longer the standby. For the game table, the standby time should be 1.5 times longer than the competition time.

4, the horse racing watch completes the search star within 10 seconds, the cross-country running and the iron three watch can be relaxed to 30 seconds.

5, iron three watches should pay attention to waterproof, at least 10 ATM or IPX-8.

6, color touch screen watches consume more power, black and white screen + color button watches cost more.