With the development of technology, smart wearable devices are popular today. But many users  equate smart watches with sports watches. However, sports watches and smart watches are not the same products.
Simply, smart watches focus on "smart life", which is a smart device aggregator that shrinks on the wrist, while sports watches focus on "sports", which can reflect your sports data, analyze sports performance and so on.

Difference Between A Sports Watch And A Smart Watch

Let's share with you the different advantages of sports watches and smart watches.

Firstly, the advantages of smart watches

1.Rich application features

For example, call reminder, information reminder function, sleep function, sports step, calorie consumption, schedule management, alarm reminder, GPS positioning, track navigation, temperature altitude, compass function. These are the features of most smart watches on the market. These smart features greatly increase the user's adhesion and reuse frequency. From a single look at time to multiple dimensions and multiple directions to develop.

2. Health monitoring function

 The detection function is the largest application functional application of smart watches. The intelligent positioning of smart watches from the beginning of development is the just-needed demand for smart watches. Health is the biggest appeal of the human body. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure testing, sleep quality testing, mood and fatigue monitoring, etc. are all closely related to health. This is an important feature that traditional watches cannot provide.

3. Voice interaction function

 For example, the voice search and voice control functions of smart watches. The air conditioner washing machine speakers and other home appliances can be connected through a smart watch as a transmission medium. Indirect or direct control of other household appliances or automotive products, etc. There are also some smart watches built in the smart watch and other smart applications, more convenient for human-computer interaction.

4. Convenient payment function

Wearing a smart watch can realize the payment of the bus card subway card, and even the consumer payment party can complete it through the smart watch. However, the number of people using such watches is not too much. The climate has not yet formed and it will take time to observe. At present, Ticwatch smart watches, Huami smart watches, Lakara pay watches, brush bracelets, etc. all have payment functions.

  Secondly, the advantages of sports watches

1. Strong endurance of sports watches

Half a horse closes in 3 hours, and the whole horse closes in 6 hours, not to mention the 50km off-road, 100km off-road... If you open the watch's heart rate and GPS, there is no long battery life. Therefore, most professional sports watches have long battery life support.

2. Diverse sports modes of sports watches

Professional sports watches basically include running, cycling, walking, swimming and other sports modes, from daily sports to full coverage of iron and iron, to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts at all levels.

3. Excellent waterproof function of sports watches

In conjunction with the swimming mode, most professional sports watches are waterproof to 50 meters and above. Swimming outdoors can rely on GPS to obtain data, which is the same as running. Swimming in the indoor pool, you only need to set the length of the lane, it can be separated from the GPS signal by relying on the built-in motion sensor to help you record the swimming position, the number of round trips, the number of strokes and other data.

4. Heart rate monitoring function of sports watches

In the past two years, most sports watches are equipped with heart rate monitoring, which can record changes in the data of the center rate of the exercise process in real time, making the exercise safer and more efficient. In addition, we 咕咚 GPS sports watch S1 in addition to real-time understanding of heart rate data to maintain a safe state of motion, when you trigger the extreme heart rate for a long time, accidentally fall during sports, will automatically notify your emergency contacts.

Thirdly, the shortcomings of smart watches and sports watches

Of course, a product has advantages, it will definitely have shortcomings.


Disadvantages of smart watches:

Short battery life: If you turn on GPS and heart rate monitoring during the whole process, most smartphones can't even insist on a whole horse.

Poor water resistance: ordinary life-grade waterproof, can not let users feel comfortable wearing a watch to swim.

The sports function is not comprehensive: the sports function is relatively simple, the reference data is not comprehensive enough, etc., which will affect the user's sports performance reference and promotion.

Disadvantages of sports watches:

Single function: Most sports watches only have sports functions. A few watches can receive SMS, WeChat, and phone notifications, but they can't answer and reply, and have fewer functions.

Less value-added services: Sports watches on the market have almost no value-added services such as payment functions and voice interaction functions.

Although many smart watches are now involved in the collection of sports-related data such as heart rate measurement, motion monitoring, and body data collection, they are not professional sports watches, and many functional technologies are not perfect. Similarly, due to the weight and size of the lithium battery, sports watches that want to have long battery life cannot carry more calls, payment, and intelligent interactive functions.

Therefore, sports watches and smart watches are two forms of watches that have something in common but are completely different. You can choose the watch that suits with you according to your needs!