With their contributions to society, engineers bring convenience to our lives. Because of those skillful engineers, all sorts of technical problems can be solved and our particular needs can be met through their application of science and math, allowing us to go about life with ease.

As we look around, we can see the benefits they provide in our daily lives. From the construction of roads and bridges to the inner workings of smartwatches and other tech gadgets that we are glued to every day.

But not limited to things we see or use every day, they also work on agriculture, marine life, health and medicine, manufacturing, even aeronautics.  Engineering, in fact, has different branches, each with specific specializations.

Whatever field you work in, you may find a watch for you in this article. In the latter part of this article, you can find a list of a variety of watches in different kinds; styles; and price points.

Casio TC500 Calculator Watch

Since all of the engineering professions involve computations, we’ve started our list of watches off with calculator watches. These handy watches allow you to make calculations quickly aside from displaying the time.

You may also find the skillfully crafted mechanical watches made with intricately arranged tiny components to have the watch powered that at the same time give it an air of elegance. Its detailed clockwork mechanism is usually displayed through a skeleton dial or exhibition case back, which makes a rather fascinatingly beautiful aesthetic for the watch. With its elegant intricacy aside from the timekeeping reliability of its fine machinery, it is loved by most; mechanical engineers would probably also appreciate it.

Another option we have here is solar-powered watches that can be powered by all kinds of light, whether natural or even artificial light. These watches stay powered even in the dark through its rechargeable cell that stores power converted from light energy. Paired with the very accurate timekeeping of a quartz movement, it makes a terrific timepiece that electrical engineers would probably find it ingenious.

Disassembled Mechanical Watch

Best Watches For Engineers

Whether you are shopping for a college student that just graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering or looking for a retirement gift for a veteran civil engineer, these article aims to bridge the gap between the career and the types of wristwatches that can be a good fit for anyone who appreciates that beauty and precision of a well-designed timepiece.

Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch

Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch

Have a calculator with you anytime, anywhere with the Casio Men’s Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch. Whenever you need to make calculations, you can have quick access to a calculator right at your wrist. There’s no need for you to search for your calculator or put out your phone to use the calculator app.

Its calculation capacity is eight digits with constants for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Moreover, it comes with other great features. This digital Japanese quartz watch has a daily alarm, 1/100-second stopwatch, full auto-calendar till 2099, hourly time signal, and dual time.

It’s also pretty durable, as it’s made of resin and resin glass and is reinforced with water resistance.

Casio Men’s DBC32-1A Databank Calculator Watch

Casio Men’s DBC32-1A Data Bank Black Digital Watch

Another fantastic calculator watch is the Casio Men’s DBC32-1A Databank Calculator Watch. This time, from Casio’s Databank series, Casio’s series of digital watches that allows storage of all sorts of information.

Similar to the aforementioned calculator watch from the Vintage series, this timepiece features an eight-digit calculator with constants for addition; subtraction; multiplication; and division. It also has other features present in the former calculator watch like the 1/100-second stopwatch, auto calendar till 2099, hourly time signal, and dual time. But there are more additional features in this watch that is not present in the other calculator watch.

In terms of calculation, this watch is also capable of currency conversion.

This Databank watch supports 13 languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Romanian, Turkish, and Russian. It can record 20 sets of phone contacts consisting of 8 character names and 15-digit numbers.

Also available in this watch are four multi-function alarms, such as a daily alarm; date alarm; one-month alarm; and monthly alarm. A multi-function snooze alarm is included.

This digital Japanese quartz watch made of resin and resin glass is actually on the bigger side as compared to the featured calculator watch from the Vintage series. And it has a big LCD display to match that can be lit up with an LED backlight with Afterglow, thus allowing readability amidst low light.

If you like the functionality of this timepiece but would also like something more sophisticated, you can go for the Casio Men’s Databank DBC611G-1D Calculator Watch that’s designed with gold-tone stainless steel.

Vintage and rare timepieces make great additions to a watch collection. The third entry in our list is a historical timepiece that was a breakthrough in 1977, the Hewlett Packard HP-01 Calculator Watch. This timepiece was one of the firsts of its kind but is one of a kind.

This is an iconic timepiece sought after by collectors. The production of this watch has ceased, but it can still be found on eBay.

Simply put, this timepiece is a digital electronic wristwatch that can also perform as a calculator; alarm clock; stopwatch; timer; and 200-year calendar. At that time, this timepiece was considered state of the art with the six chips that’s equivalent to 38,000 transistors and three batteries packed into one watch that can provide plenty of conveniences. Plus, it has a few other capabilities, which make it unique.

The metrics for time, speed, time interval, date, and cost can be integrated together into your calculations. The stopwatch time can be multiplied or divided by a constant. And this is the first algebraic calculator from Hewlett Packard, as prior HP calculators used Reverse Polish Notation (RPN).

If you’re lucky to find this rare timepiece on eBay, you can usually spot the gold-filled version and some with black alligator watch bands.

It has 28 keys with the keys for recalling the time; date; memory register; alarm register; and activating the stopwatch slightly raised for easy operation with the fingertip, while the rest is slightly recessed. It comes with a stylus that is fitted into the band’s buckle to use for pressing the recessed keys.  

Stuhrling Original Men’s Legacy Automatic Skeleton Luxury Dress Watch

Stuhrling Original 371.01

Experience reliable timekeeping with a touch of luxury with the Stuhrling Original Men’s Legacy Automatic Skeleton Luxury Dress Watch.

Its splendid 22-jewel Swiss automatic self-wind movement is displayed through the skeleton dial that has equally elegant detailing on it. You can also see its movement at its exhibition case back.

On its dial, you can find subdials for a second time and the indication of AM and PM.

Adding to its aesthetic are the beveled bezel and onion-style crown on its stainless steel case as well as the black alligator-embossed leather strap.

Both the front and the back of the watch are protected by Stuhrling’s proprietary crystal developed in collaboration with the eyewear industry, the clear and durable Krysterna. And it’s even tougher than sapphire crystal.

An added protection is its 50-meter water resistance.

Seiko Men’s Presage Automatic Dress Watch


Keep it classy with the Seiko Men’s Presage Automatic Dress Watch.

This stainless steel watch’s minimalist design of silver-tone and black makes it rather elegant and a classic. It’ll be a great match with a suit, and you may also wear it with casual wear.

The movement of this Japanese automatic watch has 24 jewels and a 41-hour power reserve. It is self-winding but can also be hand wound and hacked. Plus, it has a day of the week and date display at the three o’clock position.

Like most mechanical watches, you can take a peek at its movement through its exhibition case back. It’s equipped with the toughest type of glass for protection from scratches, sapphire crystal. Also, it’s reinforced with 100-meter water resistance.

Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Open Heart Watch

Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Open Heart Watch

The Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Open Heart Watch is a sophisticated timepiece with a distinctive edge.

Designed with a silver-tone dial; rose gold-tone details; stainless steel case; and brown crocodile-embossed leather strap, the watch looks very elegant. But the highlight of its design that makes it stand out is the asymmetrical skeleton style of its dial, which shows off its skillfully crafted machinery. And more of its engine can be seen at its exhibition case back.

This watch runs with a 25-jewel Swiss automatic self-wind movement that can store 38 hours of power reserve. For durability, this watch is reinforced with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and 50-meter water resistance.

Ball Men’s Engineer Hydrocarbon Watch

Ball DM2176A-P1CAJ-BK

An engineer’s job can get rough at times, and the Ball Men’s Engineer Hydrocarbon Watch is an extremely durable watch that could take a beating while providing unparalleled precision as a certified chronometer. Moreover, it comes in a pretty sleek design of all black.

This Swiss automatic watch has a tough exterior composed of a black DLC-coated titanium case; anti-reflective, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window; black rubber strap; black ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel; and its screw-down crown even comes with a crown protection system proprietary to Ball Watch.

Adding to its durability are reinforcements of water resistance to 300 meters; anti-magnetism to 4,800 amperes per meter; and shock resistance, which also covers the watch’s balance spring with Ball Watch’s patented SpringLOCK anti-shock system. Their SpringLOCK anti-shock system was developed to maintain watches’ accuracy, since the impact on watches tends to cause damage to the balance spring, resulting in inaccuracy.

The automatic-self-wind movement of this watch consists of 21 jewels and stores up to 42 hours of power reserve. In addition, a magnified date display is located at the three o’clock position of the dial.

Omega Men’s Speedmaster Mechanical Watch

Omega Men’s 31130423001005 Speedmaster

The iconic Omega Men’s Speedmaster Mechanical Watch is a timepiece that has made history as NASA’s trusted timepiece for space travel. Also known as the Moonwatch, this watch is actually the first watch to be worn on the moon. Since then, it has been part of several other lunar missions and has become known for its reliability and durability.

Making up this impressive timepiece is a silver-tone stainless steel case and bracelet, black PVD bezel, and Hesalite crystal dial window.

This watch can also please with its classic design of silver-tone stainless steel and black.

This Swiss mechanical watch has a manual winding movement. Embedded in it is 18 jewels. And it has a 48-hour power reserve.

It features a tachymeter on its bezel and a chronograph. Plus, it’s water-resistant to 50 meters.

Rolex Men’s Oyster Perpetual Dark Rhodium Dial Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 114300

Sharp-looking and sharp in timekeeping, the Rolex Men’s Oyster Perpetual Dark Rhodium Dial Watch is a timepiece that can please both in aesthetic and in timekeeping precision.

This handsome timepiece is made with stainless steel and has a domed bezel enclosing with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window its beautiful dark rhodium sunray dial with silver-tone and blue details.

It’s a COSC Superlative Chronometer Certified Swiss automatic watch. Its self-winding movement has 31 jewels and 48 hours of power reserve.

Making this watch highly resistant to water (100M) is its screw-down crown with Twinlock double waterproofness system, and a screw-down case back.

IWC Men’s Ingenieur Mission Earth Black Textured Dial Watch

IWC Men’s IW323601 Ingenieur Mission Earth

The IWC Men’s Ingenieur Mission Earth Black Textured Dial Watch is equipped with features necessary for an engineer packed in a sophisticated luxury-style design. The name of the watch collection it belongs to, Ingenieur, in fact, is French for “engineer”. With this excellent timepiece, you get functionality and class.

This Swiss automatic watch is durable enough to withstand the nature of an engineer’s profession.

First, let’s point out its exterior. It’s made with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window that’s also anti-reflective, stainless steel case, and black rubber strap.

Of course, it’s backed up by reinforcements, such as anti-magnetism to 80,000 amperes; shock resistance; and 120-meter water resistance. And it comes with a screw-down crown and screw-down case back for water tightness.

Although it has been built tough, the style has not been sacrificed in this watch’s design. It’s a simply chic stainless steel and rubber watch that has been adorned with a texture of interlaced I’s on its black dial and black strap.

In regards to its powerhouse, it has a 28-jewel automatic self-wind movement with a power reserve capacity of 44 hours.

To add to its timekeeping, this watch also keeps track of the date, which is found at its three o’clock position.

Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive Chronograph Limited Edition Men’s Watch

Grand Seiko Spring Drive

The Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive Chronograph Limited Edition Men’s Watch is an exceptional timepiece that you must grab, while it’s still available. Why? This is a high-quality timepiece with a bold, elegant wrist presence; extremely rugged construction; and tremendously precise timekeeping that has been produced only at 600 pieces.

Making up this tough watch is a titanium and ceramic case, glare-proofed scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial window, and black and green crocodile leather strap.It’s also worth noting that it has a screw-down crown and screw-down case back to go along with its 100-meter water resistance, making it watertight. It’s also reinforced with anti-magnetism to 4,800 amperes per meter.

It has a nice design of green and black, boasting a stunning green dial that features a pattern resembling fir trees in honor of the Onbashira Festival as well as green stitching on its strap to match.

This fine watch runs with Seiko’s cutting edge Spring Drive movement, a mechanical movement that delivers the same accuracy as quartz movements as well as 72 hours of power reserve. A power reserve indicator at the seven o’clock position determines its level of power. And you can witness the ingenious movement in action at its exhibition case back.

It’s equipped with a date display at the three o’clock position, chronograph, and GMT.

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier White Dial Watch

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier

Last but not least, we have here a watch that’s different among the bunch for its unique technology, as the aforementioned watches are either electronic or mechanical. The next one to be featured is a solar-powered watch, the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier White Dial Watch.

Solar-powered watches are the eco-friendly alternatives to electronic quartz watches. Citizen’s series of solar-powered watches are even called Eco-Drive because they promote their advocacy of reducing harmful waste in the environment through the use of their Eco-Drive movement.

Batteries need changing every after few years, so this adds to the waste filling up landfills. As a solution to reduce toxic waste, Citizen has developed the Eco-Drive movement, which is powered by all kinds of light, be it natural; artificial; or even dim light instead of batteries. They are, in fact, the pioneer in the solar-powered quartz watch domain.

And our featured solar-powered watch, the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier White Dial Watch is the combination the superb Eco-Drive technology; a whole lot of functionality; and style. If you are interested to know more about the Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier White Dial Watch, you can read more about its details below.

The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Calendrier White Dial Watch is an aesthetically pleasing timepiece with its nice combination of textures and colors. Equally pleasing are the handy features it has in store.

Its white dial is designed with blue and gray details and a mix of textures, which makes it a treat for the eyes. Protecting its charming dial is a scratch-resistant mineral crystal dial window that’s mounted on its stainless steel case. Complementing its dial is a blue crocodile-embossed leather strap.

Incorporated in this solar-powered Japanese quartz watch are handy features, such as subdials displaying the day of the week, date, and 24 hours; GMT; and 100-meter water resistance.

The watches we have presented each can benefit an engineer in their own way. Hopefully, you will find the perfect one for you.

These watches are just as important for engineers as calculators



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