when we're looking to buy a watch,we usually focus on the positive all the great things that we're going to do with the watch on our wrist,the excitement of waiting for it to come in the mail or potentially going into the store and getting it. But we don't really think about maybe all of the potential downsides or just the things that maybe consider the mistakes that are made in the buying process,so what I wanted to do in this blog is look at nine things that I would recommend or just mistakes that I see people making when it comes to purchasing luxury watches,now this is going to be geared.

Now for this first one mistake: we have buying the alternative.

When the real thing is in reach or just finding an alternative watch that isn't exactly what you want, specifically now I do think there are watches out there that are so out of this world in terms of their pricing that not everybody can pull that off and you can't responsibly do it, if that's the case totally understand I think going for an alternative is a fine thing to do but where I think this gets troubling is when you're talking about something maybe being in reach and you're giving into this idea of instant gratification you just want to get something on your wrist it's a little bit more attainable or maybe doesn't have the same level of pedigree associated compared to something else and you just decide to go for the lesserof the two watch just because it allows you to get into that watch sooner I always find people regret this decision and never fully gives them the fulfillment that they want it does scratch the itch for a short period but when you're talking about the long term game of watchmaking this is not something you want to go and just make quick impulsive buys go for the real thing if you want a speed master go for a speed master there's nothing underneath that it's going to scratch that itch for you the same can be said about a Rolex and any of these other watches that are out there be responsible in your decision making but definitely hold out for the watch you truly want because once you get it the satisfaction will be amazing.

For mistake No.2 we have ,not buying the watch on the bracelet.

Just to save some extra money now in the long term I have found that this does not actually take place you end up spending more money if you want to get into the bracelet after the fact because many of these brands in the luxury segment don't actually list out their bracelets as a specific line item or a skew on their website that you can just buy but instead it's usually you have to have a specific request you have to wait a long time and usually they'll actually end up spending more the other reason why I'd like going for the bracelet if you are kind of on the fence and it does give you more flexibility if you ever decided to move on from the watch people tend to spend a bit more money for the bracelet version because of all these hoops that people tend to have to jump through so I think it is a better thing to go for it's much harder to find the factory bracelet than it is just to pair any strap that's just going to look the part on a watch

5 mistakes when buying a luxury watch (and how to avoid them)

For no.3 mistake just going to say consider pre owned for specific models.

Now in the past five or so years the whole space of pre owned has gone nuts with certain watches and certain brands, so this might just be off the table for many but as always there's going to be great buys in the pre owned space for certain models, if you don't mind having something that maybe isn't going to be of the same value. when I would always recommend whenever you're buying of course by the seller think about other additional things as well what is the warranty window does it come with box and papers do I still have some coverage, when I buy that watch, can I always make sure I'm legitimizing it being a true hotch that is going to be authentic that is always of course important. I think having those boxing papers does help with this, and of course buying it from the seller is going to be one of the better things that you're going to be able to do.

Next mistake 4 here is,Making an economical burden with a watch.

Of course I'm not a financial advisor by any means, people can do with their money how they please but I just don't think that you want to stress yourself out over buying a watch, that is the most silly thing to me.and I say that is somebody who has done that in the past, so I think  that it shouldn't affect your day to day lifestyle . if you're stressed every single time you look down at this you have buyer remorse, like you don't want  money to be a concern for you when you're enjoying your new watch, a watch and item should not inhibit experience. people are just locked in their room at night can't go anywhere,can't do anything with it because they spent all their money on a watch.

Our next mistake no.5 here is buying an iconic watch.

Just because it's an icon so we hear about the same watch as over and over again, that sometimes can cloud your judgment on. what is the right watch for us, especially when you're dealing with your first, luxury watch purchase,I don't believe there's any prerequisite.
it doesn't matter what you own, if it's a watch that everybody can recognize, I don't think that's what this is about. a safe choice is not safe if you don't like it at the end of the day. people get this mentality of oh this is an accepted watch, but if you don't like it, who cares ,that's not a safe choice, that's a dumb choice. so I do think people need to think from that context of, this is about individual expression,this is about what makes, what can make me unique ,what do I like, I don't care what anybody else thinks. I just want to wear something that I enjoy and what I feel good with when I have it on the wrist, and that's really all that matters.

Remember, no matter how much or less your collection is, or whether you've recently purchased a expensive or cheap watch, you can find a lot of fun in your existing watch.