Homage watch, legal cottage product.

They "homage" to the great brand watches

When it comes to imitation watches, it is estimated that many wrist watch manufacturers will be disgusted. This huge market causes billions of dollars in the Swiss watch industry each year. In the world, the behavior of manufacturing and selling counterfeit watches is criminal. Of course, wearing and collecting them will also be considered a very price.

However, among some watch collectors and enthusiasts, a legal imitation watch has become their heart -Homage watch.

Homage means "tribute", and its birth is based on imitation and paid tribute to a certain value -valuable wrist watch. When these watches are produced, they will maximize those classic watches that are usually historically long, but they will not use the brand names and signs that are protected by classic watches. To some extent, Homage watches have become the legal imitation version of the brand watch.

Watch brands that are most often copied by other manufacturers in the market are Rolex and Panerai, and the old -fashioned classic diving, military and aviation watches are the watch styles of the Homage version of the HOMAGE version.


Watches collector's imitation products

In the eyes of some junior clock watches, in fact,the AP watches, Rolex, Cartier  are almost the same. They feel that these watches should not be so expensive.

Homage watches meet the needs of these people, especially for some clock watches enthusiasts who like old -style classic versions, the very close quality and relatively low prices are also exciting: if a special watch design is inspired by 1940 The Panerai 3646 has the performance of manual clockwork, but the price is less than $ 100; or a high -quality robotic watch with a model style of the IWC, the price is only less than 100 US dollars, and they are still legal What kind of choice would you make?

Generally speaking, some small professional companies on the market will be handmade according to the designated by these enthusiasts, and some are produced by mid -to -high -end companies like Fossil.

The classic antique watches are scarce and high, and a normal Rolex Daytona Watch collector is priced at 50,000-80,000 US dollars. The rich experience makes the MEGALITH brand up the idea of making affordable watches for men. Megalith, which means a watch with excellent and Sturdy. Because the company launched the Homage watch is reasonable, it meets that many collectors are difficult to buy the luxurious but designed watch mentality in the experience market, so it is very popular.

The rolex homage watch launched by Megalith, Chronograph 8389M borrows the classic Rolex's classic technology in waterproofing technology, and spin into waterproof system, with a waterproof depth of 100 meters/330 feet; the appearance and appearance structure pay tribute to Rolex Classic watches of small dials at 3-6-9 times.

"The advantage of the Homage Watch is that the quality they produce is usually much higher than fake watches. This is because they do not want to be a low -cost alternative to the real product, but to try to be a certain model that is too difficult to get or can no longer be obtained A modern replica of classic wristwatch. "In this regard, Ariel Adams, the founder of the famous wristwatch comments website A blog to watch, commented on Forbes Magazine.


Great branded watch also imitate each other

In fact, some relatively big -name clock watch manufacturers will also launch HOMAGE watches, and they are more upright than small companies.

For example, Rolex submarine navigator -type watches. Many watch brands have imitated Rolex watches, and at least some design elements of Rolex submarine navigator -type watches.

From Timex to Seiko watches to West Rail City and other watch brands, they will look for some design inspiration from other watches, of course, this is not limited to Rolex.

Not only that, some classic watches are re -entered the market as simulation design, but this is usually re -produced by the original manufacturer according to the previous classic design. Compared to those watches that are not produced by the original manufacturers, such watches seem to be more suitable for the name "imitation watch".

The Rolex Explorer Ⅱ series of watches came out in 1971 is one of the best -selling watches in the Rolex family. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary, Rolex launched the latest model of this classic wrist watch at the 2011 Basel watch exhibition. As the style of Rolex, the new models are relatively small: the watch diameter increases slightly from the original 40mm to 42mm, the hourly, and the needle is thicker, making the wrist watch more powerful. Of course, the most significant change is that the GMT pointer of the wrist watch uses the color and shape of the 1971 model, which inherit the 40 -year history. In addition, the word Explorer Ⅱ at 12 o'clock of the wrist watch also uses the same orange as pointer.


In addition to some one -on -one Homage simulation watches, there are some Homage watches to imitate the watch that has been discontinued to make classics reproduce. For example, the Omega Sea Horse Series 300 in the 1960s, the flying watches in "World War II", and the marine timer watch are some watches that have been discontinued.


There are controversy between homage watches collectors

Because of "homame", Homage watches are destined to be the focus of people's debate: although some collectors like these Homage watches, and some collectors think that these watches have moral issues because these watches feel too close to fake watches.


For some very serious wrist watch collectors, there is no big difference between the Homage series wristwatches and the fake wristwatch (almost two are equal). Although some HOMAGE watches are also expensive, in their opinion, they seem to After all, these watches are some cheap simulation products, which is more unpleasant, but it is just "hidden better fake watches".

However, there are still many watches today. They may be a collection of watches designed by a manufacturer, but it is difficult to afford such a luxury investment. Homage is a good choice for them. They are even more than them. Pay attention to appreciation elements.


In recent years, the original manufacturers of these Homage watches -mainly Swiss watch providers have begun to adopt legal action to prosecute these actions. In their opinion, even this "homage" has violated the intellectual property rights of those classic watches.


"Fake Watches Are For Fake People." No matter how the watch providers actively promote the purchase of a collection of Branded watches, they cannot extinguish the love of another part of the collector for the Homage watch. At least before they were unable to contact the world -famous watch, this was the closest way of feeling.