A watch tells more than just the time, it gives an impression of the wearer. Whether it’s something you budget for or splurge on, your watch tells a lot about your preferences. This is because watches aren’t just limited to functionality, they are also fashionable items.

While the watch face is the center of attention, the watch strap/band plays an important role in complementing the overall look of a watch. Much like the color of a belt must suit a shoe, a man’s watch needs to be complemented properly.

Some people prioritize the brand of the watch, whilst neglecting the strap that links the branded watch to the wrist. In choosing the right combination to suit your style, you need to be aware of the options available.

So, these are the most common materials for a watch strap or band that is, leather, metal, fabric, rubber (silicone, polyurethane, etc.)

Leather Watch Straps

Leather straps are made from the hides and skin of various animals like alligators, snakes, cattle, hogs, etc. This means that there are different types of leather available. The range in quality is wide when it comes to leather, ranging from imitation leather to the exotics. The quality of leather straps is determined mostly by the type of hiding you choose as well as the process in which it was treated, skill, workmanship, etc.

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

Leathers come in different designs and styles, from the normal leather strap, stitched leather strap, exotic or grained leather, double ridged strap, rally strap. In choosing a leather strap it’s important to examine the padding, stitching, and color of stitching, as the smallest details or imperfections can turn what was supposed to be a dress watch, into a casual watch. 

Pros of Leather watch straps

The leather strap has a few advantages that make it one most preferred choice when selecting a watch strap. First off, the leather is more durable than fabric especially when it’s of high quality. Leather is known to withstand the daily wear and tear very well. 

Leather straps are relatively cheap depending on the animal, which makes the replacement easy and cost-effective. This way you retain the beauty of your watch without draining your funds. 

In terms of comfort, leather straps are kind on the skin and very comfortable making them suitable for the outdoors. They are also the best choice for people with skin allergies to metals. 

Well treated leather is easier to clean in comparison to fabrics, as they do not absorb water. Thus, a simple wipe of the watch strap with a damp cloth and it’s ready to wear. 

Cons of Leather watch straps

As great as the leather strap is, it is not without some disadvantages. The leather strap is not entirely durable, although it lasts longer than fabric. Leather changes in shape and quality over time.

Leather, when exposed to extreme temperatures, tends to get darker or cause the leather to crack. This may be depending on use lead to frequent replacement of your leather strap,meaning extra cost.

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch StrapA Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

The Megalith 8051M and 8041M are beautiful examples of our leather collection. Leather straps made from high-quality genuine leather, durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily activities.

Fabric Watch Strap

This is a great choice for a casual watch, it is great for summertime fun activities like going to the beach. Fabric straps are made from wool, nylon, and cotton are woven together. The fabric strap fashionable as it is available in a variety of colors.

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

Pros of Fabric Watch Strap

Fabric straps are very affordable and are replaceable in a variety of colors. Making frequent replacement possible without incurring high costs. It is very comfortable because it is soft and flexible. It is kind on the skin for those with skin allergies to metal. 

Also, the fabric strap is resistant to extreme temperatures because it is a poor conductor of heat. Thus, it does not scorch the skin on a sunny day, making it suitable for casual outdoor activities.

Cons of Fabric Watch Strap

Fabrics just like clothing are prone to stains and may fade quickly. Due to its fabric nature, the straps can easily absorb substances like ink, oil, paint, dirty water, etc. Also, exposure to sunlight over time tends to fade the color.

They are not durable regardless of the quality. Fabrics are susceptible to tear and wear, they can be cut torn easily thereby needing replacements often. Also, fabric straps tend to lose their original shape easily. Especially, when cleaning the straps, as threads lose strength and sag when exposed to water.

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

The Megalith 8051M also comes in a nylon strap edition that complements the watch face giving it that overall casual look that’s perfect for fun summertime activities. 

Synthetic Rubber/ Silicone Watch Straps

This is a rubber-like plastic that is highly flexible made-up of several elements such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Its flexibility makes it a suitable choice for sports watches. Owning to its synthetic nature the strap can come in a variety of colors and form making it very fashionable.

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

Pros of Rubber Watch Straps

Silicone is known for its heat resistant quality. It can withstand extreme temperature changes better than leather and fabric straps. Making it very safe, comfortable and kind on the skin. It’s also a suitable option for people with metal allergies. 

These straps fit your wrist perfectly and comfortably because it’s very flexible. It is water-resistant as it does not absorb water. Silicone straps are known to be corrosion resistant and very durable, it can withstand the rigors of sporting activities. This means that it can be used for swimming, diving, jogging, and the likes. It is also replaceable. 

Cons of Rubber Watch Straps

Silicone straps are expensive when compared to leather and fabric straps, making subsequent replacements a costly endeavor. It also tends to have a sticky feel on the skin. 

The straps are prone to dust and particles due to this sticky feel, which may leave the strap looking dirty and unkempt. It would require constant cleaning to keep it decent looking.

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch StrapA Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

The Megalith 8067 and 8049 both do justice to the beauty of a silicone strap watch in our collection. 



There are a variety of options when it comes to metal straps, we’ll have a look at two of the most popular types. They are the stainless-steel straps and mesh straps. Metal straps are a good fit for social events like weddings, dinners, galas, etc.

Stainless Steel Watch Straps

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

Stainless Steel is a type of metal that is a combination of certain elements, iron, silicon, manganese, chromium, and carbon. This material is most preferred by watchmakers for its high aesthetic value.

Our stainless-steel collection is of remarkable quality and beauty. The Megalith 8033 and 0091 are the perfect examples. 

Mesh Watch Strap  

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

Mesh watch straps are stainless steel metal wires worked into characteristic mesh look that can either be a thick or thin weave of metal that is silky smooth depending on the type of mesh. It is also breathable and sits perfectly on your wrist, with an adjustable buckle.  

A Guide to Choosing Your Watch Strap

 The Megalith 8088 comes in a superfine black mesh, giving the watch a dark sophisticated look 

Pros of Stainless Steel Watch Straps

Stainless steel straps are highly durable, it can last a lifetime. Due to its hardness, it can withstand scratches as it will not show abrasion marks from other metals. 

Also, it can withstand falls (they do not break easily) and damage from harmful substances. These straps do not wear off or rust, because it is resistant to corrosion. 

Most importantly, stainless steel is shiny and attractive. It gives a watch a beautiful finish, making aesthetically pleasing. Making this watch strap one of the most popular and preferred straps in the market. 

Also, these straps can withstand a remarkable amount of heat. It with remain in good shape after exposure to high temperatures. 

Cons of Stainless Steel Watch Straps

These metals straps are significantly expensive compared to leather, fabric, and rubber. Its beauty comes at a high cost. Also, it is the least flexible watch strap and its hard on the skin. It might cause allergies for people whose skin reacts to metals. 


In choosing a watch it is important to consider the strap. There’s a right for everyone out there, understanding what suits you and what will suit your occasion is key. No one strap supersedes the rest, certain straps are better suited for certain events or use. 

Experiment with interchangeable straps until you find something you like and comfortable. Remember your watch is a reflection of you.