Today, fashion trends have changed the way people view things, especially when buying clothes and accessories. The gender divide that existed between men and women on matters of fashion is fading slowly, and it is the early time that manufactures considered this aspect.There are many kinds of unisex watches in the market today. Read this guide to find out more about the different types of unisex watches available & all you need to make a well-informed decision!

Unisex Watches

Watches are not an exception. It is true to say that the unisex watch trends have been there for long. Although some people thought that it was a wave that will fade in a few years, the opposite is actually true. These watches are everywhere, and they are expected to be on the rise in the coming years.

Women have hugely influenced these trends. Previously, ladies would rock in small watches that have dainty straps and their choice of color. Today, things are different, and the majority of women now prefer men designed watches that have specifications for female wearers.

Due to the mushrooming unisex style in the fashion industry, no one should feel forced to the traditional watch wearing rules. Remember that your intention when buying the best unisex watches is to have something that suits your preference and still feel fashionable. That is what you should stick to.

What are Unisex Classified Watches?

Unisex Watches

Unisex watches have special features that make them suit both gender without a single distinction. When wearing them, you feel comfortable, and the majority will not know whether it is unisex, and thus nobody discords you. It is because of how they are designed. Their masculinity nature on men and feminine on ladies makes them look good on everyone.

The current generation is very conscious of anything that revolves around gender and fashion. From both sexes, there is an assurance of excellent personal style because of a wide range of watches to choose.

If you need a watch that does not define gender identity, do not feel odd or uncomfortable. Besides, you need to follow your heart. Read on to know about the statistics and the things that describe most unisex watches.

The Power of Unisex and Statistics Watch

Previously, the act of women wearing men watches was seen as a style for only designers or female celebrities. That is far gone. Statistics show that 5 out of 10 people will choose a unisex watch when they are given various watches to choose from. With this, it is evident that the growth is exponential.

In years to come, the majority will have adopted the trend. Those who have formerly disregarded the trend are now on the front line to advocate and praise the use of unisex watches.

Features that Define a Unisex Watch

 Considerable Size of Unisex Watch

You will notice that there is a huge difference between the male or female defined watches and the unisex watches. Size is among the factor. Mechanical watches preferred by men have big case sizes, unlike the unisex that tends to have a small and considerate case size.

Simple Case Designs of Unisex Watch

Remember that it is meant for both sexes. Men ignore watches that have designs that are ladies favorite. With a simple design, not many people will categorize your watch in either gender. Manufacturers are incorporating the best designs in these watches to attract a majority.

Elegant and Simple Lugs of Unisex Watch

Unisex watches have simple lugs that their measurements are not exaggerated. The manufacturer designs them with both sexes in mind and does not want to frustrate any buyer. Besides, you need to check the right choice.

Unisex Watches

Plain Colors of Unisex Watch

The love that ladies have on some colors is on another level. That is why you will notice their preference for pink and color like red is high. You will not find such in men. With a plain color and still maintaining a good look, it means anyone can wear them, and feel at ease and happy.

Selective Leather Bands and Metal Bracelets of Unisex Watch

The taste between the ladies and gents is very different. With selective leather bands and bracelets, it means the size is considered, and the metals chosen attract any customer. The size of the strands plays a key role in making this successful.

Luxurious unisex watches will employ metal jewels to make them precious. Whether it is within the case or on the strands, they look great on both sexes wrist and freely accommodate masculine and feminine desires.

Few hands, Maximum of Three (and maybe with a date) of Unisex Watch

Unisex Watches

You will hardly find the best unisex watch with a complicated design. Some watches are known to have many hands and several additions to make them awesome. These are the features that make them gender selective. Avoiding a lot of details and keeping it simple is what defines these watches.

As you can see, it is clear that these watches maintain a lot of simplicity for them to sell. They are all that you need, especially when looking forward to gifting your loved ones.

Now that you’ve known the features. Continue reading to know why the majority of watch lovers are now turning to unisex timepieces.

8 Reasons why you need to buy a Unisex Watch

Imaging this, as a man, you are in your favorite shop, and you spot a watch that you feel it suits you best. Upon requesting it, you realize that it is written ‘the women’s choice’. Well, that will automatically turn you off. Unisex watches are designed to solve that issue, and you do not feel like you are misplaced when you choose them. Read on to know the advantages of buying a unisex timepiece.

Unisex watch brings a sense of fashion

Everything today is all about fashion. It is evident in clothing and accessories that people wear. The unisex timepieces acquisition has been on the trend. Buyers, especially ladies, have for long admired men watches, but at the same time hated it because everybody out there will notice. The good thing is you can now purchase and wear to meet your heart desires.

Unisex Watches

Most unisex watches are affordable

Affordability is what attract many buyers. Time is money, and you get what you pay for. From the stores around you, majority tag prices based on several factors. The brand, size, design and materials making them are among the factors. Unisex timepieces suit you, and to your budget. Visit your next store or make an order to enjoy your preferred brand.

Simple outlook of unisex watch suits your daily variety

Everybody wants to look simple and classy. The move is only possible if you have a taste of fashion. These watches are part of fashion, as explained earlier, and they complement any clothes that you wear. It will be wrong if you do not appreciate unisex timepieces, yet you claim to be fashionable.

Unisex watch Creates a Feeling of Inclusiveness

Some people wants to adapt either gender characteristics, and they want everybody to know about it. Other than wearing clothes that suit both gender, watches are also an alternative. That’s where unisex demands come in. There are instances when your spouse will need something from you to feel part of you wherever they are, and the best you can do is grant them a unisex watch.

Unisex watch is comfortable

There have been concerns that you cannot be comfortable in a unisex watch. I want to state categorically that such reasoning is not evidence based. Most people prefer them because of their comfort. The size of all the perspectives and the design guarantees comfort.

Unisex watch is suitable for everyone

Irrespective of your age, you can wear these watches. Men, women and children will find their best choices.  Some people are conservative, and they will not buy a watch that is made specifically for a particular gender. However, with an aspect of unisex, they will purchase without having to think twice.

Unisex watch achieve diversity

Everybody wants diversity. It is because it enables them to choose what they want. Many stores have different unisex watches, and you will have an opportunity to weigh the varying options based on your budget and preferences. You should at no time complain that you are restricted to a particular watch because that is not true.

Unisex watches are the best gift choices

We often buy gifts for our loved ones as a sign of love and appreciation. Everyone appreciates these watches. Did you know that the majority of the kid's watches are unisex? Now that you know, ensure you buy one for them. Your spouse will also be happy to have something that both of you can share.

Final Thoughts of unisex watch

You have no reason to worry when buying the best unisex watch. Especially when you don't know who will get your this watch as a gift.

The moment you identify the characteristics that define a unisex watch, go ahead a make an order. Prioritize your instincts over what the adverts and marketing platforms have to say.


Happy buying best unisex watches and cheers everyone!