Before you want to know how Longine watches adjust time, you have to figure out which series or model is specific.

At present, Longines watches are divided into mechanical watches and quartz watches.

Method to set the time on Longines mechanical watch

Pulling out the first gear is to adjust the week and date, and pulling out the second gear is to adjust the time.

First, at 24 o'clock, the hands are in the second half of the circle, and at 10:00 to 2 o'clock in the evening, do not adjust the date directly, which may damage the date transmission gear. Adjust the time to 10 to 2 pm. Then start dialing the knob to adjust the date. For example, today is 26, you have to adjust the date to 25. Then dial out and adjust the pointer to let the date reach the 26th. Then adjust to the correct time. (If it is morning, it is less than one lap hour, if it is afternoon, it needs to turn more than one lap, let the 24 o'clock pointer over half) must pay attention to 24 o'clock and the actual time.

Method to set the time on Longines quartz watch

For a calendarless watch, when the second is moved to the 12 o'clock position, pull out the crown and turn it clockwise to adjust the time. If there is no second, for the accuracy of time, you can adjust the minute hand to the first two minutes of the time you want to adjust, and adjust the time to push back the crown.

For watches with a calendar, pull the handle a little bit, adjust the day clockwise, adjust the date counterclockwise, pull the crown to the outermost position, and adjust the time. The specific operation is the same as that of the non-calendar watch.

In case of a complicated watch, please contact the merchant directly.

Precautions before set the time on Longines watches

Please note before preparing the adjustment time: In case of a watch with a spiral crown, do not pull it hard. Please turn counterclockwise to open the locked crown. After adjusting the time, turn the crown clockwise and Push in and lock to avoid water ingress (a lot of customers report how to adjust the watch to adjust the head can not be adjusted to adjust the time, please see this information in detail).

Secondly, pay attention to the restricted area of ​​the mechanical watch movement at 21:00 pm - 4:00 am, during which time it is not appropriate to adjust the day and calendar, otherwise it will damage the movement.

Do not adjust the time counterclockwise between 21:00-3:00, because during the period of the week, the calendar gear is switched, and the long-term reverse adjustment will damage the internal parts. The other time periods can be clockwise and counterclockwise. Free adjustment.