A watch is most definitely one of your most prized possession. If you are a watch person by heart, you know its use is beyond just showing the correct time. It adds to your style and needs to be protected to keep in good condition. If you struggle with how to make the most out of your investment, read on to know everything about keeping your watch in a good condition.

There can be three concerns to take care of your watch- aesthetic service, movement service, and full service.

Aesthetic service includes taking the best care of the outer appearance of the watch. You watch can be made up of different material- metals, leather, mesh, rubber, etc. Each has to be maintained differently.

1. One of the most common mistake watch owners make is that they don't clean them. If you wear your watch every day, it is prone to dirt, build-up, grease or dead skin. You can easily get rid of this debris using soap and water. You can use a gentle toothbrush to go over the surface.

2. You should make sure to not wear your watch in the shower. Shower water is harsh and falls on your watch with higher force. Wearing your watch while taking a shower can also leave soap scum on its surface. It's much better to wash it over the sink probably once or twice a month. You don't have to do it every day.

3. You should take off your watch before you hit the pool or sea. If you happen to wear your watch in ocean water or even in a pool, make sure to come back and rinse your watch thoroughly with saltwater while keeping the crown of the watch closed. This will be useful in keeping your watch in the best condition and not let the water runoff its luster.

4. If you own a leather strap watch, the best way to take care of it is by not harshly bending the straps while taking the tongue out of the holes on the surface. While you are taking off the watch, you grasp the tongue of the tail of the strap. Make sure you hold the strap straight and push the buckle forward until the tongue releases. This will prevent any creases on the strap. To further clean the strap, you may use saddle soaps, leather cream and so on which is easily available in the market and wash off the leather with a clean cloth.

Movement service includes taking care of inside of the watch.

 1. The best way to preserve your watch in between service intervals is to put it to the wind and stop the watch. When you grab the watch, set the time and use it. This reduces the wear and tear of the watch. You get your money's worth as the watch is working when you are wearing it and not when lying in your side drawer.

2. Lie your watch down when not in use. While changing the time, don't use the quick set as this may damage the components of your watch. This will result in high maintenance fee during service.

3. Usually, watch owners complain about fogging of their watch. Water can enter the watch and can corrode delicate components. Avoid changing settings of your chronographic watch as you may run the danger of getting water inside it. Even though moisture in the watch can disappear on its own, make sure to not expose your watch to drastic temperatures in case of such an event. Leave it to dry out.

4. Refrain from doing anything mechanical while wearing the watch. In case you drop your watch by accident, have it checked. Even if there are no visible signs, there can be problems such as gasket having shifted, broken crown and so on. If such problem persists, make sure to pull out the crown to protect the dial.

5. Be super gentle while winding your watch. If you are too coarse the crown can break. Crown is anyways the most sensitive part of your watch so make sure to take off your watch before adjusting the time. Make sure to tug in the crown before putting it back in your pocket. Don't screw the crown too hard into the gasket.

Full service is when the whole watch is repaired or serviced to bring it as close to the original watch condition. For an elongated life, you must go for full service of your watch periodically. During these full service, you must follow the mentioned tricks to avoid major maintenance fees. Doing self-repairs is something most people resort to. But it's very important to get your watches serviced by experts. You can get these service ranging from two to three years depending on the degree of use, wear and tear, etc.


Avoid storing your watch at any damp place. Usually, store it at room temperature. Be wary of hard impact/vibration sports, golf, motorcycle and shooting. It's better to remove your auto watches from starting.


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