Should you choose a mechanical watch or a quartz watch? 

When you buy a watch, what do you care most about? the life of the watch?  the watch work accuratly?  the watch easy to use?

Many people who buy a watch but don't understand the type of watch feel annoyed at last. They are puzzled that the mechanical watch needs to be wound up manually to keep the time accurate. How often does the quartz watch need to be changed the battery.


Classified by function, the watches is sort into mechanical watch and quartz  watch

mechanical  watch
Automatic& mechanical watch

The oldest is the type of watch, with a long history. It refers to a watch that uses a barrel to store power. The mechanical watch second hand walk continuously. Due to the complexity of the movement of the mechanical watch, the  time error is large (depending on each brand), the error of the observatory movement is small, and the error of one day is normal within -4/+6 seconds. The error of the mechanical watch can not be accumulated. The watch needs to be debugged after a period of time. After winding, the spring can go more than 36 hours. The movement has a long service life. Mechanical watches can be divided into two types: Manual mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches

Manual mechanical watch: By turning the faucet by hand, the winding system is driven, and then the chain is full.

Matters needing attention: When you first wind up, you should first go to the full chain by yourself, and take a few laps. Afterwards, you can go up to 8 or 9 points in the same way. Do not over-chain, so as not to cause the spring to break.

Automatic mechanical watches: The automatic disk is swung back and forth by the swing of the arm to achieve the effect of automatically tightening the spring.

Note: The automatic watch has a retracting device, so it is not full of chains. When the watch stops, just a few laps to walk the spring, the rest will rely on the swing of the hand to achieve the winding effect.

Quartz  watch

This is a second-generation watch, which refers to the use of batteries and quartz oscillators to calculate and display time. Its movement is made of quartz. Now common ones can be divided into pointer quartz watches and digital quartz watches. The biggest feature is accuracy, within a normal temperature range, the monthly error is about ± 15-20 seconds.

Quartz watches are further divided into:

Hand type quartz watch: After the frequency of the quartz is generated by the power of the battery, the IC board is used to divide the frequency and control the coil and the magnetic car so that it pushes the gear train and rotates the pointer. The minute and minute hands are basically driven by electric power.

quartz watch

Digital quartz watch: The basic principle is the same as that of the pointer quartz watch, but it has no gear train, but directly displays the time in liquid crystal (LCD). And some of them are analogue-digital watch, they have hands and the LCD.

digital quartz watch


Solar meter

The solar cell is made of silicon wafers with extremely high purity. The silicon wafers are treated to form two extremely thin layers. When sunlight or light hits the surface of the silicon wafer, the light energy can be converted into photocurrent and voltage. The current is charged by a high-voltage solar cell flowing to a low-voltage watch battery. In order to prevent the solar cell from flowing into the watch too high voltage, there are diodes and resistors inside to act as a buffer to protect the watch battery and life.

Note: On-time inspection is of course inevitable. In addition, be careful to use plastic or bamboo rafters when replacing the battery. Using metal tweezers may cause short circuit.

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