You intend to buy a quartz watch instead of a mechanical watch. It may be that the quartz watch has a small error and is easy to use. A mechanical watch needs to provide kinetic energy through motion and swinging the wrist, which may make you trouble. But do you know how often the quartz watch needs to be replaced to maintain accurate time?

When you decide to buy a quartz watch, you should know these things:

1.How to maintain quartz watch

Dust of  quartz watch

       Don't feel that the dust is insignificant. For quartz watch movements, dust is undoubtedly one of the three natural enemies. Quartz watches are exposed to dust-intensive areas, which naturally causes dust to enter the gaps in the case, and a large amount of dust will accelerate the movement of the watch surface oil. Therefore, a series of problems such as the inaccuracy of the quartz watch will be caused by the lack of daily maintenance and accumulation of dust. To deal with the problem of watch dust, just wipe the table cloth with a small piece, or go to a professional repair center for after-sales maintenance.

High temperature of  quartz watch

       Many people think that their watch is a waterproof watch or a diving watch, so they take the watch to the sauna unscrupulously. The temperature of the sauna room is much higher than the normal outdoor temperature. The instant temperature difference will cause the quartz watch waterproof mat to accelerate aging. Therefore, as a result of work needs, or friends who like to steam sauna as much as possible to bring their own watches for maintenance, waterproof protection.

Waterproof of  quartz watch

Most quartz watches are waterproof to 30 meters or 50 meters. Even if the watch has a waterproof function, do not bring the watch in a place with high humidity. The concept of ordinary waterproof watches is only waterproof, and there is no problem with water. It is not that the watch will not get in water. Prevent water-proof measures: on the one hand, keep away from high humidity areas, on the one hand, try not to let the watch get wet. When water or mist enters the water meter, corresponding measures must be taken.

2.When to replace the quartz watch battery

If the quartz watch needles suddenly work slow, it may be caused by insufficient battery energy. You can send the watch to a special maintenance point to check the power.

The digital display of the quartz watch is dim, and the digital display disappears when there is an alarm.

3.If you want to replace the quartz watch battery by yourself, you should notice that:

What type of battery does your watch use

Common watch batteries are:

  • Silver oxide battery, also known as silver zinc battery, has a voltage of 1.55V. It is the most commonly used battery in quartz watches. It has high physical density and stability, and has no environmental pollution.
  • Mercury oxide batteries, also known as mercury batteries, have a voltage of 1.35V. It is the earliest developed watch battery. Because of environmental pollution, it has been used less.
  • Silver peroxide battery, also known as bivalent silver battery, voltage 1.55V. It has a high capacity but poor voltage stability.
  • lithium battery. Using lithium metal as the negative electrode has the characteristics of high voltage (generally 3V), low self-discharge rate and long storage life. It has a wider application prospect.
  • Solar battery. Can convert light energy into electrical energy.

How to Change the Battery in a Quartz Watch

  • The first step to replace the battery is to open the back cover. In most cases, the back cover of the watch case is pressed. The back cover of the watch cover needs to be inserted in the gap between the back cover and the watch case with a knife. Part of the back cover is fixed by screws, you can remove the screws with a small screwdriver
  • Use tweezers or a knife to pry out the old battery and press the new battery into the battery slot (do not use metal if you need tools)
  • If it is a gland-type back cover, you need to pay attention to this step when installing the back cover. Generally, watches have a waterproof rubber ring. The rubber ring will remain in the case when the back cover is removed. You need to pry the rubber ring out and put it on Put the back cover on, then align the back cover with the case, and press firmly

Quartz watches let us know the precise time, but if not used and maintained properly, the life of the quartz watch will become shorter.