This decision is completely determined by you. Some people like homage watches, while others think they are fake.

One argument is that if you really like watch design, why not buy the original version. This is a reasonable idea. But most of the inspiration to homage watches comes from expensive luxury watches -not everyone can own. Although the owner of the Homage watch may be eager to have real transactions one day, it is undeniable that the homage watch does solve the demand. In other words, it provides them with their favorite designs, but does not buy the high price label brought by the original luxury watch. The inspiration of homage watch comes from this.
Rolex-Submariner-vs-Megalith 8392M

Rolex Submariner (left) and Megalith 8392M(right)

Some people may say that this argument can also be used for counterfeit/fake watches, but fake watches are completely different stories.

First of all, it is illegal to impersonate the genuine fake watches. They are counterfeit products, for some reason they are illegal. Buying fake watches means supporting crimes. 

In addition, among watch enthusiasts, wearing Homage watches is wide, or at least acceptable. However, if you wear a fake watch, those who know will be able to tell you immediately, which will make you look bad. Fake watches are one of the largest enemies of luxury watch brands. They dilute the market and damage the industry. This is not something you want to support, is it?

Homage watches are usually made by the enthusiastic people of the opponent. Therefore, in many cases, they provide huge value. You can get your favorite design watches, but the price is reasonable, the quality and performance are very good. In other words, with fake watches, you not only buy illegal things, but also have no value of money. With homage  watches, you usually get worthy of money and excellent products.

However, just like anything, there are great homage watches, and there are fewer great homage watches. Therefore, you must conduct research and evaluate the performance and quality of the watch based on the price.

Homage watches will not be as good as the original luxury watch of its inspiration, but at the same time, the price will only be a small part of the original watch.

The homage watches in today's market have become very popular. Many new brands specifically targeted at homage watches have been established, and many of the already established brands have released a homage model.

However, there are still some hesitation or even criticism about the homage  watches.

The most common criticism of people's homage watches is as follows:

1.Homage watches are the same as fake watches (not true, we have sorted it out)

2.Homage looks like a fake watch (if so, people may think that it is a real watch, but if they approach or even ask you about it, you can explain that it is not a fake watch but a homage watch from Different brands)

3.They "steal" a iconic design (it is true to some extent, but the watch brand has been borrowing design, including the most prestigious brand)

In conclusion

So should you buy a homage watch?  it was attributed to personal preferences.

Sometimes watch watches really suffer from hate, but most people do not oppose them. They are very popular, and they are still different from some people.

Homage watches may be a good way to buy watches with your favorite design, but because of expensive prices, or because wearing expensive watches, it feels uncomfortable, so it cannot be obtained at all.

Although there are poor quality Homage watches, there are more high -quality Homage watches to choose from, providing excellent cost -effectiveness. If you do decide to buy a homage watches, make sure you have a research and value.

The bottom line is, if you like a homage watch, please buy it.