When shopping online - whether it's jeans or sneakers - needs to know the size that suits you, and the same applies to watches. In addition to understanding the size of your watch, it is important to know the size of your wrist so that you can purchase the right watch for you.

Here is the WATCH SIZE AND FIT GUIDE to find you right watch size and band size.

1.what size is standard men's watch case size

Modern tastes have gravitated towards watch styles with a larger case, in other word, the watch with big face. For women, a standard watch case measures 32mm to 38mm and Midsize is 28-32mm, mini watches are typically 22-26mm in diameter. For men, the average watch is 38-42mm; a sports watch is 40-42mm and over-sized watches measure 45mm and up. 

Generally watch size for men looks like this:

  • <34mm Small
  • 34mm – 38mm Midsize
  • 39mm – 42mm Standard
  • 43mm – 46mm XL/Oversize
  • >47mm XXL

2.what size is your wrist size

You’ll need to measure your wrist. If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches in circumference, you should typically go with 38mm, 40mm and 42mm watch cases. If your wrist circumference is 7.5 to 8 inches, you should be looking at 44mm to 46mm watch cases. These recommendations are based off of the modern trend of larger timepieces.

Knowing your wrist size is also important when ordering your watch so you can make sure the strap fits and the bracelet is sized properly.

3.what size is standard men's watch band size

What size is standard men's watch size

Band size is the combined length of the two straps. When you want to find other new bands for your watches. Subtract your wrist surround length by the case size - this will be your band size. So when the case size is defferent, the band size fit for you will be defferent too.

Standard lengths for women are 165mm-180mm; men are 184mm-197mm.


4.what size is men's watch lugs size

Watch Band Width Chart

 size of watch band

Measure your band width by fitting one of the millimeter bars between the lugends of your watch, especially when you want to change the strap.

What size is standard men's watch size

5.what size of case thickness fit men wrist size

The general rule is that as the diameter of the casing increases or decreases, the thickness will increase or decrease accordingly.

What size is standard men's watch size

It is usually that if watch is 38 mm to 42 mm in diameter then 7 mm in thickness.

Once watch case size reach 44 mm over, the thickness of case increases to about 9 mm.

If you choose the right case diameter, the thickness of the case is usually also suitable for your wrist. In addition, some unique watches may have unique thicknesses, which can be chosen according to your preferences.