Should we wear watches on left hand or right hand?

Have you ever wondered why wearing the watch on our left hand became almost a reflex action? Then which wrist should we wear the watch on?

Now we have a logical and practical explanation for why most people wear watches on their left hands.

1.In order to protect the watches from damage

Historically, men used pocket watches up until early years of 20th century. Pocket watches became popular during wars, because they were useful for coordinating military activities. Nowadays, these watches were carried by officers in custom leather pouches that were strapped on their wrists. But watches had huge balancing wheels and were very fragile and could break easily.

In order to protect their chronometers from damage, it was best to keep them on the wearer’s less dominant hand. Since majority of people are right handed, the  watches would be more safety held in the left hand, because it’s kept away or not as active as the right.

2.Convenient to wear the watches on the left wrist

For majority of people who are right handed, it is more convenient to wear their watches on the left wrist. Because the right hand is more flexible, it is easier to wear a watch on the left hand. Here we must consider that not everyone wears their watch on the left wrist, a small fraction of people left handed would like to wear the watches on the right wrist.

3.Easily to check  the time to your left

There is a simple reason behind this. You will use your dominant hand more often, and while working you can easily keep a check on the watch to your left.  Then you can know the time even when your right hand is busy.

wear watches on left hand or right hand

4.Due to the placement of the crown

The logic here is that majority of people in the world are right handed, so  the crown (or winder) of the watch is typically designed on the right hand side of the case, making it much easier to adjust the settings using your right hand. Hence even if the user is left handed, it’s still easier to adjust the watch on the left wrist with right hand due to the placement of the crown.

wear watches on left hand or right hand

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5.Enable its functions to work properly

Some smart watch manufacturers even suggest you should wear the watch on your left hand, because of its design but also to enable its functions to work properly. For example, this is heart rate reading function that will  give accurate measurements if you wear the watch on your left hand.


Lastly, Then which wrist should we wear the watch on? Do women have to wear their watches on the right and men on the left hand?

There are no strict rules that on which hand we must wear our watches. In some occasions we even can try to wear our watches on the right hand, use the watches more like a fashion accessory then a necessity, to attract more attention to our style.

wear watches on left hand or right hand

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All in a word, people commonly wear it on the non-dominant hand. For this there are no strict rules, but only practical reasons, so the final decision is totally up to you! Just wear it so it suits your convenience.